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Parameter NameData TypeDescriptionDefault ValueExample 
Excerpt Include
File Writer
File Writer
ELT IntersectCommon Records
Get preview dataCheckbox

Multiexcerpt macro

Select this checkbox to include a preview of the query's output. The Snap performs limited execution and generates a data preview during Pipeline validation.

In case of ELT Pipelines, only the SQL query flows through the Snaps but not the actual source data. Hence, the preview data for a Snap is the result of executing the SQL query that the Snap has generated in the Pipeline.

The number of records displayed in the preview (upon validation) is the smaller of the following:

  • Number of records available upon execution of the SQL query generated by the Snap.

  • The value set in the Preview Data Count setting (default is 50 records).

Not selectedSelected
Retain duplicates (Databricks Lakehouse Platform only)CheckboxWhen

Select this checkbox (when your target database is Databricks Lakehouse Platform

, select this checkbox

) to include duplicate records/values, if any, that match the intersection criteria in the output data set. Else, the Snap does not retain any existing duplicate entries in the output.


This setting is ignored in case of all other supported target databases/CDWs except Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Not selectedSelected



Let us connect the Snaps (that produce these two datasets) to the two input views of the ELT Intersect Snap. Notice that we have selected the Retain Duplicates (Databricks Lakehouse Platform only) check box to make sure ensure that the Snap includes duplicate matching records in its output view.