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  • This Snap does not support multi-statement transaction rollback of any of the DDL, DCL or DML statements specified.

  • Each statement is auto-committed upon successful execution. In the event of a failure, the Snap can rollback only updates corresponding to the failed statement execution. All previous statements (during that Pipeline execution runtime) that ran successfully are not rolled back.

  • You cannot run Data Query Language (DQL) queries using this Snap. For example, SELECT and WITH query constructs.

  • Use this Snap either at the beginning or in the end of the Pipeline.¬†

  • ELT Snap Pack¬†does not support Legacy SQL dialect of Google BigQuery. We recommend that you use only the BigQuery's Standard SQL dialect in this Snap.

  • This Snap executes the SQL query only during Pipeline Execution. It does NOT perform any action (including showing a preview) during Pipeline validation.