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The Pipeline Notes feature enables you to add custom sticky notes to the Pipeline. These notes are saved with the Pipeline, and they are visible each time you click , even when the Pipeline is exported across projects, project spaces, and Orgs. Likewise, when the Pipeline Notes feature is enabled, you can view notes for every open Pipeline in Designer. Sticky notes also appear in Print Pipeline Pipeline Document output, where you can view a Pipeline, its Snaps, sticky notes, and configuration details.


titleKnown Issue

When you copy a Pipeline with Sticky Notessticky notes, the notes are also copied with the Pipeline. Additionally, when you modify or add Sticky Notes sticky notes in the copied Pipeline, the notes in the original Pipeline are also updated.

Adding a Note to the Pipeline


  1. Click the  button in the SnapLogic Designer toolbar. The Notes dialog appears.

  2. Click Add New Note. A blank note appears. Drag the note reposition it as required. Each note is automatically labelled with the user name. 

  3. Click inside the note to add content. You can add a maximum of 1000 characters within each note. 

  4. Click outside the note to save the changes.