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APIM supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) as an authentication method for your Generic OAuth2 API policy. Multiple Identity Providers are supported. When you set up Generic OAuth2 as the authorization agent with OIDC, your OIDC application becomes the authentication provider for the API.

Policies Snap Pack

API Policies are available in your Org when you subscribe to the APIM feature and Policies Snap Pack. Despite its name, the Policies Snap Pack does not contain Snaps, but it does function like other Snap Packs.

You can configure Snap Pack to use one of the two following distributions:

  • Stable contains policies that have been available for a few releases. This distribution is updated quarterly release.

  • Latest contains the newest policies and policy features. This distribution is typically updated every month.

The distributions are determined by the Snaplex version updates, which coincide with the monthly and quarterly releases.

The following resources provide more information about the SnapLogic release process:

Policies Snap Pack Settings in Classic Manager

You can change Snap Pack versions in the Snap Packs page, which includes a View distribution menu. Options include: 

  • New: This option shows Snap Pack choices (Latest or Stable) for an updated Snaplex. 

  • Old: This option shows Snap Pack choices (Latest or Stable) for a deprecated Snaplex. 

You can set the View Distribution and Policies Snap Pack version here.


Policies Snap Pack Settings in Admin Manager

You can change the View Distribution and Policies Snap Pack settings in Admin Manager. Learn More.

Supported API Policies

Authentication and Authorization