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  1. Log into SnapLogic Designer and click the Patterns tab in the main menu on the left. The Pattern Catalog appears:

  2. In the search box, enter the keyword with which you want to search for Pattern Pipelines. Hit Enter key if you have enabled Asset Palette to begin the Search. Iris now runs a search using the keyword you specified and separately lists out the number of Pattern Pipelines found in the Cloud Pattern Catalog and within each project space in your Org.

  3. Expand each project space to view matching or all Pattern Pipelines within your Projects.

    • Show Matches Only: Click to see Pattern Pipelines that match the search word.
    • Show All: Click to view all Pattern Pipelines in the Project that correlate to the search word.

      title4.23 Asset Palette

      The Show Matches Only and Show All options only appear in the New Asset Palette. For details, see  see Defining User Settings.

  4. Mouse over each Pattern Pipeline to view its preview in the Canvas.


    Pattern Pipeline previews are available only for Pattern Pipelines in the SnapLogic Cloud Pattern Catalog. Regular Pattern Pipelines do not have previews.

  5. Click the Pattern Pipeline that you want to use to import it.