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You must create ELT accounts to connect to data sources that you want to use in your Pipelines. 


The Snap Pack does not support mixed accounts from different database-types in the same Pipeline. For example, a Pipeline in which some Snaps are connecting to the Snowflake database cannot have other Snaps connecting to the Redshift database.

Known Issue

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pageConfiguring Spark SQL 2.x Accounts

Snap-Account Compatibility

SnapELT Database Account

ELT Aggregate

Account configuration required

ELT Copy

ELT Execute

ELT Filter

ELT Insert-Select

Account configuration required

ELT Intersect
ELT Join
ELT Limit

ELT Load

Account configuration required

ELT Merge Into

Account configuration required

ELT Minus
ELT Pivot


ELT Sample
ELT Select
ELT Sort
ELT Transform
ELT Union
ELT Unique
ELT Unpivot

ELT Window Functions

Account configuration required

Configuring ELT Accounts

You can configure your ELT accounts in SnapLogic using either the Designer or Manager.

Using SnapLogic Designer

Drag any ELT Snap to the Canvas and click the Snap to open its settings. Click the Account tab. You can now either use an existing account or create a new one. Write-type snaps such as ELT Insert-Select and ELT Merge Into require accounts to function properly so the Account tab is automatically displayed when you place these Snaps on the Canvas.

Selecting an existing account

SnapLogic organizes and displays all accounts to which you have access, sorting them by account type and location. To select an existing account:

  1. Click the  icon to view the accounts to which you have access and select the account that you want to use. 

  2. Click  to save the account selection.

Creating an account

  1. Click Add Account in the Account Reference dialog.

  2. Select the Location in which you want to create the account, select the account type, and click ContinueThe Add Account dialog associated with the account type appears.

  3. Enter the required account details. For detailed guidance on how to provide information associated with each account type, use the following links:

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    Enter additional information on this account in the Notes field of the Info tab. Doing so helps you–and other users–understand the purpose of the account, especially if there are multiple accounts of the same type.

  4. Click Validate to verify the account, if the account type supports validation.

  5. Click Apply to complete configuring the ELT account.

Using SnapLogic Manager

Use Manager to create accounts without associating them immediately with Pipelines.


Accounts in SnapLogic are associated with projects. You can use accounts created in other projects only if you have at least Read access to them.

  1. In the left pane, browse to the project in which you want to create the account and click CreateAccount ELT, followed by the appropriate account type.

    The Create Account dialog associated with the selected account type appears. 

  2. Repeat the steps numbered 3 through 5 in the previous section.


Avoid updating account credentials while Pipelines using that account are executing. Doing so may lead to unexpected results, including locking your account.

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ELT Snap Pack

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