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Parameter NameData TypeDescriptionDefault ValueExample 
Excerpt Include
File Writer
File Writer
ELT SampleSample Order Data
Get preview dataCheck box
Multiexcerpt include macro
pageELT Intersect
Not selectedSelected
Sampling TypeDrop-down list

Choose the sampling type to query your data.

Available options are:

  • Number of Records
  • Percentage of Records
Number of RecordsPercentage of Records
Number of RecordsString/Expression

Activates when you select Number of Records for Sampling Type.

Enter the number of records to output.


The ELT Sample Snap outputs the entire table if the total number of records in the table is less than the value specified here.

Percentage of RecordsString/Expression

Activates when you select Percentage of Records for Sampling Type.

Enter the percentage number of records to sample your data based on a percentage value of the total records in the table.

  • The number of records in the output is rounded off to the lower value if the percentage leads to a decimal. For example, if you enter 75 and if the table has 10 records, the output yields 7 records since 75% of 10 is 7.5.
  • The number of records in the output is randomized and is up to a maximum of the percentage calculation specified above. Therefore, in the above instance, the output may contain 5, 6, or 7 records.