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Users In Multiple Organizations

Users may can be granted access to multiple organizations in the SnapLogic Integration Platform.  Logging Logging into the SnapLogic platform via through SSO does not affect which organizations the user has access to. For example, if "Alice" is a member of "Company 1" and "Company 2" and she logs in via the IdP for "Company 1", she is still be able to access "Company 2".  The authentication process only validates that the person logging into the service is who she say she is; it does not control what she has access to. However, there cannot be multiple different IdPs configured on those Orgs

Manage Password Logins

To set accounts to use or not use the SnapLogic login mechanism, click the Manage Password Logins button on the Settings page in Manager to get to the User Authentication Methods page. Then select the users necessary and click Enable or Disable as needed.