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  1. On Windows-based Groundplex instances:
    1. Copy the keys to a secure folder. 
    2. Ensure that the keys have the following names: 
      • jcc-datakeys.jks
      • jcc-datakeys.pass

  2. Add the location of the key directory as a Java property in the Snaplex configuration with the name SL_KEY_DIR.
    1. Navigate to the target Snaplex in Manager, and then click to open it.
    2. Click the Node Properties tab, and under Global Properties, click  to enter the key-value pair:.

    3. Add the following in the Snaplex property:

      Paste code macro
      jcc.jvm_options = -DSL_KEY_DIR=c:\\snaplogic_keys

    4. In the Create Snaplex dialog window, click Create. If you are updating an existing Snaplex, click Update.

  3. Restart the Windows service on all of the Groundplex nodes with the updated slpropz configuration.