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The toolbar for the SnapLogic Designer provides access to the primary pipeline functionality. 

The Toolbar has The SnapLogic toolbar includes the following commandstools:

  • Image Removed User Image Added User Settings. See Defining User Settings
  • Image Removed Recall Message of the DayImage Added Notifications. This message could can be an important system message that SnapLogic configured to display when a user first logs inyou log in for the first time, such as an alert to upcoming system maintenance.
  • Image Removed Email Image Added Email Customer Support
  • Image RemovedImage Added     HelpHelp. Opens the product documentation.
  • Image Removed Log Image Added Log out
  • User Properties - Click on your user name to change your first or last name or your password.
  • Org drop-down - If your instance of SnapLogic is configured with multiple organizations and you are a part of more than one org, select the org that you want to work in.


  • Snaplex drop-down - select the Snaplex in which to run the pipeline.
  • Image Removed  Run pipeline / Stop pipeline Image Added  Execute Pipeline - See Working with Pipelines     
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Check pipeline statisticsPipeline Statistics - See Working with Pipelines
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Save pipelinePipeline - See Working with Pipelines
  • Image RemovedImage Added     Validate Pipeline - validates the pipeline. If the pipeline has unsaved changes, it will be saved first. Clicking the icon while a validation is in process cancels that validation. Shift-clicking the icon will clear the cache before validating.
  • Image RemovedImage Added     Edit pipeline propertiesPipeline Properties - See Pipeline Properties
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Zoom inIn
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Zoom outOut
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Zoom to fitFit - fits the pipeline to the window.Image Removed  Download pipeline document
  • Image Added Pipeline Notes - Add a note on the canvas. See Using Pipeline Notes in SnapLogic Designer
  • Image Added  Print Pipeline Document - print or download a document with the details of the Snaps and configuration of the pipeline.
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Move pipelinePipeline - See How to Move Moving a Pipeline
  • Image RemovedImage Added     Pipeline versionsVersions
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Create taskTask. Let's you create a task for the current pipeline.
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Delete pipelinePipeline - See How to Delete Deleting a Pipeline
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Download pipelineExport Pipeline
  • Image RemovedImage Added     Copy pipelinePipeline - See How to Copy Copying a Pipeline
  • Image RemovedImage Added  Compare pipelineMore Pipeline
  • Image Added / Image Added More tools/less Fewer tools toggle. When set to less fewer tools, only Run pipeline, Check pipeline statistics, Save, Validate, Edit pipeline properties, Zoom in, Zoom out and Zoom to fit are displayed.