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Currently only desktop devices are fully supported. Touch screens are not supported.

How frequently will updates happen?

Tentatively, expect Expect release updates every quarter, though urgent patches may be made available in between releases. When the site is refreshed, you may need to clear your browser’s cache file to make sure you are accessing the latest code.


Yes. You can have multiple tabs open at the same time, each with a different pipeline.

How do I logout?

Click the icon on the top right hand side of Designer.

Product Parity

These questions are for those who are familiar with SnapLogic's existing product.

What happened to the Components from SnapLogic version 3.x releases?

In the new SnapLogic, the term Snap is used for what was previously referred to as “Components” or “Snaps”. Additionally, a Snap has been streamlined to be a succinct action.

The Components from 3.x code line can not be migrated over to the new SnapLogic. There will not necessarily be a one-to-one parity between the 3.7 Components and the latest Snaps.

Can I migrate from SnapLogic version 3.x?

Migration to the new SnapLogic is not supported at this time.

Why don’t I see “Suggest” or its equivalent?

It is there. For example, if you’re using the Structure Snap, the Source Schema and Target Schema fields are in fact introspecting the source and the target (i.e. working as Suggest).