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You can use this Snap to write to a worksheet in a Google sheet.

titleImpact on Migration of API from v3 version 3 to v44:

Enhances the Google Sheets Snap Pack by migrating from v3 version 3 to v4 4 API as Google announces sunsetting the v3 API on June 8, 2021. For more information, see Migrating Google Spreadsheet Sheets Pipelines from V3 to V4.


A valid Google Spreadsheet account. 

Support for Ultra Pipelines

Works in Ultra Pipelines.


  • The Snap conforms to the limitations imposed by Google Drive service. A spreadsheet may contain multiple worksheets. The cell count limit applies to the sum of the cells in all the worksheets in a spreadsheet.
  • If the spreadsheet or worksheet to which you want to write contains one or more leading or trailing spaces, the Worksheet Writer Snap does not function as expected:
    • If the spreadsheet name contains leading or trailing spaces, the Snap displays a "Spreadsheet not found" error.
    • If the worksheet name contains leading or trailing spaces, the Snap creates a new worksheet in the target spreadsheet using the worksheet name specified, without the extra space. 

Workaround: Enclose the names of the spreadsheet and worksheet in quotes (") and enable expressions for both Spreadsheet and Worksheet fields.

Known Issue

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pageSpreadsheets Browser

Snap Input and Output

Input/OutputType of ViewNumber of ViewsExamples of Upstream and Downstream SnapsDescription
  • Min:1
  • Max:1
  • Generators (CSV, JSON)
  • Mapper
The name of the worksheet and spreadsheet information to be written to.
  • Min:0
  • Max:1
  • None
Statistics (Number of records written successfully , Number and number of invalid records.)

Snap Settings

Field NameField DependencyDescription


N/ASpecify the name for the Snap. You can modify this to be more specific, especially if you have more than one of the same Snap in your Pipeline.



Specify the name of the spreadsheet containing the worksheet to be written to. If the spreadsheet does not exist, you can type the name of the sheet to be created at the root level.

Default value: None
Example: My Google Sheet



Specify the name of the worksheet to be written to. If the worksheet does not exist, you can type the name of the worksheet to be created.

  • If you are writing data to an existing worksheet that has a valid header, then the input schema is populated in the target schema of the upstream (Mapper) Snap. This enables you to view the input schema that is available in the worksheet used in the Worksheet Writer Snap. A valid header is one that has unique and non-null values, for instance, as highlighted in the following worksheet :

    For more information, see the example below.
  • Hidden and Protected sheets are not a part of worksheet suggestions. However, you can manually enter the name of the existing worksheet that is hidden or protected to enable the Snap to overwrite based on your account permissions.
    • Worksheets with hidden range appear in the suggestion list.
    • Worksheets with protected range do not appear in the suggestion list.
  • You can view the list of hidden sheets in the Google Sheets UI by clicking View and then selecting Hidden Sheets.
  • You can view the protected ranges in Google Sheets UI by clicking Data and then selecting Protected sheets and ranges.

Default value:  None

Overwrite worksheet if it existsN/A

Select this checkbox to overwrite existing information if the worksheet exists.

Default value: Not selected

Write header rowN/A

Select this checkbox if the row containing column names should be written to the worksheet.

Default value
: Selected

Parse dataN/A

Specify whether the input value must be preserved or parsed. Available options are:

  • RAW: The input is not parsed and is inserted as a string. For example, "=1+2" places the string "=1+2" in the cell, not the implied result.
  • USER_ENTERED: The input is parsed exactly as if it were entered into the Google Sheets UI. For example, "Mar 1 2016" becomes a date, and "=1+2" becomes a formula. Formats may also be inferred; so "$100.15" becomes a number with currency formatting.

Default value: RAW

Number of RetriesN/A

Specify the maximum number of retry attempts that the Snap must make to write into the worksheet.

Default value: 3
Example: 5

Retry Interval (seconds)N/A

Specify the time interval in seconds for each retry attempt.

Default value: 1
Example: 4

Connection propertiesN/AConfigure the connection properties to specify the read and connection timeouts.
Read timeout in secondsN/A

Specify the time limit in seconds for the Snap to read the data. If this limit is crossed, the Snap skips to the next batch of records.

Default value: 180
Example: 190

Connection timeout in secondsN/A

Specify the time in seconds. In the event of a connection failure, the Snap stops a connection attempt after the specified time. For example, if the HTTP timeout is set to 30 seconds, and the Snap fails to establish a connection until 30 seconds, the pipeline logs a timeout exception and aborts execution.

Default value: 20
Example: 10

Snap ExecutionN/A
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pageSOAP Execute


Populating Target Schema in an Upstream Snap

The following example Pipeline demonstrates how the Worksheet Writer Snap populates the target Schema in an upstream the population of target schema in the upstream Mapper Snap when the data is written to an existing worksheet . We use using the Worksheet Writer and Mapper Snaps to accomplish this taskSnap.

First, we configure the Worksheet Writer Snap to write the data on an existing worksheet.

Next, we configure the Mapper Snap to map the fields to the respective columns using the fields from the Target Schema. Note that the headers and the respective data types are populated (highlighted below) in the Target Schema.

Download this Pipeline.

patterns*.slp, *.zip

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