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Snap type:



This Snap provides the functionality to execute HTTP Post method to a JIRA REST API service endpoint to link JIRA issues.

For more information about the JIRA Issue Link API,  refer to the official JIRA Rest API document for the Link Issue Resource.


The user must have the link issue permission in JIRA.

Support and limitations:Ultra pipelines: 

Works in Ultra

Pipelines.Spark mode: Not supported in Spark mode

Task Pipelines.


This Snap uses account references created on the Accounts page of SnapLogic Manager to handle access to this endpoint. The Snap supports the JIRA basic auth account. The JIRA sites may or may not allow anonymous access.



This Snap has exactly one input view and receives documents in the view. Each document contains data needed to create a link between two issues at the JIRA REST API service endpoint. The Snap provides schema on the input view.

Example input:

Code Block
        "type": { "name": "Duplicates" },
        "inwardIssue": { "key": "JIRASNAP-1" },
        "outwardIssue": { "key": "JIRASNAP-2" },
        "comment": { "body": "Linked related issue!", "visibility": { "type": "role", "value": "Users" } } }

Note that the "visibility" part is optional. See the Examples section below for more information.

OutputThis Snap has at most one output view and produces documents in the view. Each document contains the response data from the JIRA REST API service endpoint.
ErrorThis Snap has at most one error view and produces zero or more documents in the view. Each document contains the response from the JIRA REST API service endpoint.


The name for the Snap. You can modify this to be more specific, especially if you have more than one of the same Snap in your pipeline.

API version

The JIRA REST API version number.

Example: 2

Default value: 2

Multiexcerpt include macro
nameSnap Execution
pageSOAP Execute

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pageSOAP Execute

You will likely want to use a Mapper Snap before the JIRA IssueLink Snap to see the target schema being requested and to map the appropriate fields or parameters.


The following image shows the schema of the JIRA IssueLink Snap inside the Mapper Snap:


The following sections describe common values that you might use when linking issues.

Use the JIRA Get issue link type API for your list of link types.

TypeInward issue noteOutward issue note
Blocksis blocked byblocks
Clonersis cloned byclones
Duplicateis duplicated byduplicates
Problem/Incidentis caused bycauses
Relatesrelates to

relates to

The value for the comment body must be a string.

If not specified, comments are visible to anyone with access to the issue. When specified, visibility type is usually set to role or group. The value is then set to the string containing the name of the preferred object.

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