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  1. Access the Create Account dialog in one of the following ways:
    • Using the SnapLogic Manager:
      1. Click Project Spaces in the left navigation bar.
      2. Navigate to your project space and click on the project for which you want to create an account. 
      3. In the project page, do one of the following:
        • With the All tab selected, click the + icon in the project toolbar and select Account.
        • Click the Accounts tab, and in the project toolbar on the right, click +
      4. Select the account you need to set up. For example, to create an AWS S3 account, select Binary > AWS S3. The supported account types are displayed when you click on the account name.
    • Using the SnapLogic Designer:
      1. Drag a Snap that requires the account that you want to create, to the Canvas. 

      2. Click the Accounts tab in the Snap if the Create Account Options dialog does not display automatically, and then, Add Account
      3. Select the account location(project location) and type, and click Continue.  
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  2.  In the Create Account dialog, specify the account settings. See the specific Snap Pack documentation for more information on configuring accounts. 

  3. Click Apply to create the account.