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  • Scheduled Task

  • Triggered Task
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Viewing Information about a Task


  • Cloud URL: This URL is displayed for Triggered Tasks only. Click to copy it.
  • HTTP Header: The authorization token displays for Triggered and Ultra Tasks only.
  • HTPP Endpoint #0: The Ultra Task URL for the load balancer (if deployed) to the Cloud URL. Click to copy it.
  • Debug Traces: This options appears if selected in the Create/Edit Task dialog. Click to display debugging messages.
  • Snaplex URL: The URL required for High Availability (HA). On Premises Secure Click Image Addedto copy it.
  • Alternate URL: The URL for the Groundplex or a Cloudplex with a load balancer. Click Image Modifiedto copy it.Local Override Secure URL: The URL required for High Availability (HA
  • ). Click Callback URL (Policy Configuration): The URL that the OAuth application redirects to after successful authentication. Click Image Modifiedto copy it.
  • Execution status
    • Task Status. The execution status of the Pipeline.
    • Create Time. When the Task was created.
    • Details. Click the Details link to see the specific details for that run, including username, Snaplex, Runtime ID (RUUID), and run status. Clicking the Pipeline RUUID opens that Pipeline in Designer.
  • Download the CA certificate for your SnapLogic Org: Click to download the certificate.