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Use this account type to connect Binary Snaps with data sources that use Two-Factor Auth accounts. This account supports two factor authentication (2FA) for Security File Transfer Protocol (SFTP protocol ) to access SFTP. It uses two separate security layers of verification to grant access that include the Basic Auth (username/password) and the SSH Key (username/private key) methods.


Limitations and Known Issues


Account Settings

ParameterData TypeDescriptionDefault ValueExample 

Required. Enter a unique label for the account.


Required. Enter a username for SSH authentication.

PasswordString/ExpressionRequired. Enter a password associated with the supplied account username.N/Am!ster18Gu@rd8!keip
Private keyString/Expression

Required. Enter the private key part of SSH authentication. You can also upload the private key file to the SLDB by clicking clicking the Upload  Uploadicon

You can generate a private key using any SSH key generator. See Generate SSH Key Using PuTTY Key Generator for more information.

Key PassphraseString/ExpressionRequired. Enter the passphrase used to decrypt the private key.N/Ap@$$zk!98