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You can use this account type to connect Snowflake Snaps with data sources that use Snowflake Google Storage Database accountsto Snowflake Instance hosted on Google Cloud Platforms


The Snowflake - Bulk Load and Snowflake - Bulk Upsert Snaps support loading data from Google Cloud Storage as an external stage.


Field NameField DependencyDescription

Specify a unique label for the account.

Default value: N/A
Example: Snowflake GCS Account


Use this field set to upload the JDBC driver and other JAR files that you want to use into SLDB.

Click  to add a new row. Add each JDBC JAR file in a separate row. See Downloading the JDBC Driver for more information about JDBC drivers and downloading the appropriate driver for your account. 

This field set contains the JDBC Driver field.

JDBC Driver*N/A

Specify the driver to use for your application. 

Default value: N/A


Specify the hostname of the Snowflake server to which you want to connect. 

Default valueN/A

Port Number*N/A

Specify the port number associated with the Snowflake Google Storage Database server that you want to use for this account.

Default value443


Specify the username that you want to use to connect to the Snowflake Google Storage database server.

Default value: N/A


Specify the password for the username.

Default value: N/A

Database name*N/A

Specify the name of the Snowflake database to which you want to connect.

Default value: N/A

Warehouse name*N/A

Specify the name of the warehouse to which you want to connect.

Default value: N/A

JDBC Driver ClassN/A

Specify the fully-qualified/domain name of the JDBC driver class to be used for connecting to the Snowflake Google Database Storage server.

Default valuenet.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) BucketN/A

Specify the name of the GCS bucket from which to load the staged data to your Snowflake database.

Default value: N/A

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) FolderN/A

Specify the relative path to the folder in the GCS bucket where the source files are located. This is used as a root folder for staging data.

Default value: N/A

Storage IntegrationN/A

Specify the predefined storage integration that is used to authenticate the Google
Cloud Storage bucket hosting as the external stage.

Default value: N/A

URL properties

Use this field set to define the account parameter's name and its corresponding value. Click + to add the parameters and the corresponding values. Add each URL property-value pair in a separate row. This field consists of the following fields:

  • URL Property name
  • URL Property value
URL Property nameN/A

Specify the name of the parameter for the URL property.

Default value: N/A

URL Property valueN/A

Specify the value for the URL property parameter.

Default value: N/A

Batch size*N/A

Specify the number of Snowflake queries that you want to execute at a time.

Default value: 50

Fetch size*N/A

Specify the number of rows a query must fetch for each execution.

Default value: 100

Min pool size*N/A

Specify the minimum number of idle connections that you want the pool to maintain at a time. 

Default value: 3

Max pool size*N/A

Specify the maximum number of connections that you want the pool to maintain at a time.

Default Value: 15
Example: 10

Max life time*N/A

Required. Specify the maximum lifetime of a connection in the pool, in seconds.  

Default Value: 60
Example: 90

Minimum value: 0
Maximum value: No limit

Idle Timeout*N/A

Specify the maximum amount of time in seconds that a connection is allowed to sit idle in the pool.
Minimum value: 0
Maximum value: No limit

Default Value: 5

Checkout timeout*N/A

Specify the maximum time in milliseconds you want the system to wait for a connection to become available when the pool is exhausted.

Minimum value: 0
Maximum value: No limit

Default Value10000