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Failure: DQL statements are not allowed.

The ELT Execute Snap does not support Data Query Language (DQL) and hence statements containing SELECT and WITH are not allowed.

Remove any DQL statements (containing SELECT, WITH) and enter one of the following statement types:

  • Data Definition Language (DDL): CREATE, ALTER, DROP, TRUNCATE, RENAME and so on. 

  • Data Control Language (DCL): GRANT, REVOKE

  • Data Manipulation Language (DML): INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGECALL and so on.

No matching signature for operator = for argument types: INT64.

(Target CDW: BigQuery)

BigQuery treats the values of Pipeline parameters as String, by default. Passing a value with any other data type causes this error (INT64 in this example).

Cast any non-String Pipeline parameter used in your SQL statement to its target data type for the Snap to work as expected.

Ex: Consider using SELECT * FROM pipe.param01 WHERE id = cast( _id as INT ); instead of SELECT * FROM pipe.param01 WHERE id = _id;

Keyword RANGE is not acceptable as a column name.

(CDW: Databricks Lakehouse Platform)

This can happen with any reserved keyword if it is used as a column/field name in the table to be created.Ensure the enclose such column names (reserved keywords) between backticks (`). For example: `RANGE' STRING.


Sample Queries for the ELT Execute Snap