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Org admins can use the Portal Manager to customize the appearance and URL of your Developer Portal landing page. You can make your APIs accessible to users outside of the SnapLogic ecosystem in the API Portal. Org Admins can publish, unpublish, deprecate, and retire versions of APIs. As an Org Admin, you can create a Developer Portal for your API developers to publish their APIs. The API Management > Portal Manager is the administrative console where you can manage the lifecycle of your APIs. The Developer Portal is the public facing page that consumers use to explore those APIs.

Key Features

  • Design First: The /apim space supports the creation of APIs from the Open API Specification (OAS) 2.0. You can design an API based on your specification and then upload a file of it or reference a URL with the specification.
  • Versioning: The ability to create multiple versions of an API based using an OAS 2.0 specification. You can modify the specification for your initial API, then create new versions from those modified specification versions

    The Developer Portal is the public facing page where you can explore APIs. After your account is created, you can browse APIs in the API Catalog and create applications for API subscriptions. New accounts and API subscriptions must be approved by an Org admin.

    Key Features


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