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  • Additional directories under projects for Snap Packs and Snaplexes
  • Org admins can now see the Features page, where subscription features like SnapReduce are managed.
  • Updates for pipeline versions, including access to version history and the ability to revert a pipeline to a previous version.
  • Importing and Exporting Projects (Beta)

Designer Updates

  • Performance enhancements have been made to improve the load time of the Snap catalog.


  • The Data Snap has been replaced by the Mapper Snap. 
  • SAP iDoc Listener


  • ServiceNow: support added for Eureka instances.
  • JMS: support added to pass the names of Queues/Topics as a parameter. Support to define a max read property on consumer to limit the number of messages read.
  • File Writer: APPEND file action now supported.
  • File Delete: support for the FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols added.
  • XML Formatter: support added to suggest input schema when an XSD specification is used.
  • Oracle - Stored Procedure: Support for suggesting schema/package and procedure names.
  • Database Table List Snaps now output table dependencies.
  • Email Sender: better handling of error messages to the error view.
  • REST Get: support added for gzip format.
  • Moved XML & FixedWidth Snaps to Transform Snap Pack
  • Moved PGP Snaps to the Binary Snap Pack.