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Limitations and Known Issues


Account Settings

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Parameter Data TypeDescription

Multiexcerpt macro

Specify a unique label for the account. We recommend that you update the account name if there is more than one account of the same account type in your project.

Default ValueN/A
ExampleS3 Account

Access-key IDString

Required when IAM role is deselected. Specify the unique access key ID part of AWS authentication.

Default ValueN/A

Secret keyString

Required when IAM role is deselected. Specify the secret key part of AWS authentication.

Default Value: N/A

Server-side encryptionCheckbox

Required for writing to S3. Select this checkbox to enable the server-side encryption to use for the objects. Learn more, Protecting Data Using Server-Side Encryption with Amazon S3-Managed Encryption Keys.

Default Value: Deselected
Example: N/A

IAM roleCheckbox

If you select this checkbox, the IAM role stored in the EC2 instance is used to access the S3 bucket.

  • If you select this checkbox, ensure that the Access-key ID and Secret key fields are empty.
  • This field is valid only in Groundplex nodes hosted in the EC2 environment.
    In the Groundplex, add the following line to and restart the JCC: 
    jcc.jvm_options = -DIAM_CREDENTIAL_FOR_S3=TRUE
  • Validation does not work when you select this checkbox.

Default Value: Deselected
Example: N/A

S3 RegionString

Specify the name of the region in which the S3 bucket resides. 

You need to specify S3 Region only if you have to access the S3 buckets in the cross-region or proxied cross-regions. If you leave this field blank and try to access cross-region S3 buckets, the Snap displays Bad requesterror.

Default Value: None
Example: us-east-2

IAM Role properties

Use this field set to enter information associated with the IAM Role.


Use this field set only if you do not plan to provide the Access key ID and Secret key, and if IAM role, above, is selected.

Default Value: N/A

AWS account ID


Specify the Amazon Web Services account ID associated with the AWS S3 account that you want to use.

Default Value: N/A

IAM role name


Specify the name of the IAM role that can access the AWS S3 account identified above.

Default Value: N/A

Region Endpoint name


Specify the endpoint name of the region to which the target AWS S3 bucket belongs.

Protocols supported: S3

Default Value: N/A