Title: Anaplan Read  
Author: Aparna Tayi Mar 30, 2017
Last Changed by: Kalpana Malladi Aug 20, 2021
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SnapLogic Documentation (189)
    Page: Active Directory Disable Entry
    Page: Active Directory Search
    Page: AES Encrypt
    Page: AutoML
    Page: Azure Active Directory Authenticate Users
    Page: Azure Active Directory Get Group Members
    Page: Azure Active Directory Get Role Members
    Page: Azure Active Directory List Users
    Page: Azure SQL - Bulk Extract
    Page: Bag of Words
    Page: Binary Router
    Page: Birst Query
    Page: Blowfish Decrypt
    Page: Blowfish Encrypt
    Page: Box Directory Browser
    Page: Cassandra - Select
    Page: Catalog Query
    Page: Categorical to Numeric
    Page: Clean Missing Values
    Page: Common Words
    Page: Compress
    Page: Concur Read
    Page: Copy
    Page: Cross Validator -- Classification
    Page: Cross Validator -- Regression
    Page: Data Validator
    Page: Date Time Extractor
    Page: DEPRECATED | Dynamics CRM Search
    Page: DEPRECATED | Dynamics CRM Upsert
    Page: Diff
    Page: Directory Browser
    Page: Document to Binary
    Page: Dynamics 365 for Sales Read
    Page: Dynamics 365 for Sales Search
    Page: Dynamics AX Read (Field Version*)
    Page: Dynamics AX Update (Field Version*)
    Page: DynamoDB Query
    Page: DynamoDB Scan
    Page: Eloqua Form Submission Data
    Page: Eloqua Query
    Page: Eloqua Query Activities
    Page: Encrypt Field
    Page: Excel Formatter
    Page: Excel Multi Sheet Formatter
    Page: Excel Parser
    Page: Exchange Read
    Page: Exit
    Page: Expensify Download File
    Page: File Poller
    Page: File Reader
    Page: Fixed Width Formatter
    Page: Fixed Width Parser
    Page: ForEach
    Page: Generic JDBC - Select
    Page: Google Analytics
    Page: Google DFA Reports (Deprecated)
    Page: Google Directory Read
    Page: Google Directory Update
    Page: Group By Fields
    Page: Group By N
    Page: Hadoop Directory Browser
    Page: HDFS ZipFile Reader
    Page: Head
    Page: In-Memory Lookup
    Page: JIRA Get
    Page: JIRA Search
    Page: JMS Consumer
    Page: Join
    Page: JSON Formatter
    Page: JSON Parser
    Page: JSON Splitter
    Page: JWT Generate
    Page: JWT Validate
    Page: Kafka Reader (Deprecated)
    Page: LDAP Search
    Page: Microsoft Dynamics AX Read
    Page: MongoDB - Find
    Page: MongoDB - Group
    Page: MQTT Consumer
    Page: Multi File Reader
    Page: Multipart Reader
    Page: Multipart Writer
    Page: MySQL - Lookup
    Page: MySQL - Select
    Page: NetSuite Async Get
    Page: NetSuite Async Search
    Page: NetSuite Get
    Page: NetSuite Get Async Result
    Page: NetSuite Get Item Availability
    Page: NetSuite Get List
    Page: NetSuite Search
    Page: Numeric to Categorical
    Page: OpenAir Read
    Page: Oracle - Lookup
    Page: Oracle - Select
    Page: Oracle - Table List
    Page: ORC Reader
    Page: Parquet Reader
    Page: PGP Decrypt
    Page: PGP Encrypt
    Page: Pipeline Execute
    Page: PostgreSQL - Select
    Page: PostgreSQL - Table List
    Page: PostgreSQL - Update
    Page: Predictor -- Classification
    Page: Predictor -- Regression
    Page: Profile
    Page: RabbitMQ Acknowledge
    Page: RC File Formatter
    Page: RC File Parser
    Page: Record Replay
    Page: Redshift - Lookup
    Page: Redshift - SCD2
    Page: Redshift - Select
    Page: Redshift - Table List
    Page: Redshift - Unload
    Page: Reltio Merge
    Page: Reltio Read (Crosswalk)
    Page: Reltio Read (Object)
    Page: Remote Python Script
    Page: REST Get
    Page: REST Patch
    Page: Router
    Page: S3 File Reader
    Page: Salesforce Lookup
    Page: Salesforce Poller
    Page: Salesforce Read
    Page: Salesforce SOQL
    Page: Salesforce SOSL
    Page: Salesforce Subscriber
    Page: Sample
    Page: SAP Analytics Cloud Read
    Page: SAP HANA - Select
    Page: SAP HANA - Table List
    Page: SAP HANA - Upsert
    Page: SAP IDoc Document Listener
    Page: SAP IDoc Listener
    Page: SAP IDoc Read
    Page: SAS Generator
    Page: Scale
    Page: Sequence
    Page: Sequence Formatter
    Page: Sequence Parser
    Page: ServiceNow Query
    Page: Shuffle
    Page: SnapLogic List
    Page: SnapLogic Read
    Page: Snowflake - Lookup
    Page: Snowflake - Select
    Page: Snowflake - Table List
    Page: Snowflake - Unload
    Page: Snowflake SCD2
    Page: Sort
    Page: Splunk Saved Search
    Page: Splunk Search
    Page: Splunk Writer
    Page: Spreadsheets Browser
    Page: SQL Server - Lookup
    Page: SQL Server - Table List
    Page: Structure
    Page: SumoLogic Execute Search Job
    Page: Tail
    Page: Task Execute
    Page: TDE 8 Formatter (Deprecated)
    Page: Teradata FastExport
    Page: Teradata Select
    Page: Tokenizer
    Page: TPT FastExport
    Page: Trainer -- Classification
    Page: Trainer -- Regression
    Page: Transcoder
    Page: Twofish Decrypt
    Page: Twofish Encrypt
    Page: Type Converter
    Page: Type Inspector
    Page: Union
    Page: Unique
    Page: Vertica - Lookup
    Page: Vertica - Select
    Page: Vertica - Table List
    Page: Workday Read
    Page: Worksheet Reader
    Page: Xactly Search
    Page: XML Generator
    Page: XML Parser
    Page: XSLT
    Page: ZipFile Read
    Page: ZipFile Write
    Page: Zuora Read
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