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Viewing Pipeline Runtime Logs

The Pipeline Wall enables you to view runtime logs for a specific Pipeline execution.

Org admins can see all Pipelines run in an Org, while users can only see the Pipelines to which they have access.

Owners of child Pipelines can access runtime logs and Snap statistics of the parent Pipelines if one or more of the following is true:

To view the runtime logs for a Pipeline:

  1. In SnapLogic Dashboard, click the Pipeline tab. 
  2. In the Status column of the target Pipeline, click to display the Pipeline Execution Runtime Logs.

    If a Snaplex does not have logs enabled, the runtime log icon is not displayed.

    From the Pipeline Execution Runtime Logs, you have the following options:

    • Preview type: Click one of the following data format types for viewing the logs:
      • JSON
      • Table (default selection)
      • Raw
    • Select All: Highlight all information in the logs
    • Download: Save the logs to your Downloads folder.
  3. Click Save as a JSON file to save the logs or Close to exit back to the Pipeline tab.

Some Pipeline executions display a warning icon next to their status to make them easy to identify.

Options to store Pipeline Execution Runtime Logs configuration

There are two ways to store the Pipeline execution runtime logs:

  • The runtime logs are sent to the OpenTelemetry Collector directly from the Snaplex JCC node using the OpenTelemetry Agent. Then later, these logs are sent to any third-party applications, Datadog being one of the options.
  • The runtime logs are stored locally on a Groundplex and then sent to the Datadog using the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Runtime Log Information

The runtime logs display the following information:

  • Process
  • Timestamp
  • Runtime ID
  • File
  • Message
  • Snap Label
  • Exception

Runtimes are available in the SnapLogic Dashboard for 45 days. For Ultra tasks, the runtimes are retained for 15 days after completion. 

Complete execution data is available in the Runtime Archive in SnapLogic Manager.