After you check out a GitHub or GHES repository into a Project, the Assets table banner displays repository information, and the GitHub Status column shows the current status of each Asset:

From the banner, you can:

The GitHub status can be one of the following:

You can perform GitHub operations using APIs or from the following menus in SnapLogic Manager:

Toolbar GitHub Menu

The toolbar above the Assets table includes a GitHub button:

The GithHub menu offers the following actions:

Asset Options Menu

Add or remove an Asset from the GitHub repository using the Asset options menu.

To open the Asset options menu, click the arrow next to the asset name:

The menu includes one of the following options, based on the current status of the Asset:

For example, the following screenshot shows the menu for an Asset that has not been added to the repository:

After adding or removing an Asset, you must commit it to push the update to the repository.

Project Options Menu

Checkout, pull, and commit Asset updates from the Project Options menu. Open the options menu from the Project Spaces tree, by clicking the arrow next to the Project name:

The menu contains the following GitHub options:

When a project is checked out, the menu also contains the GitHub Add Tag option.

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