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This account is used by the Snaps in the Active Directory Snap Pack.

Active Directory Basic Authentication is implemented using the simple authentication method. 

You can create an account from Designer or Manager. In Designer, when working on pipelines, every Snap that needs an account prompts you to create a new account or use an existing account. The accounts can be created in or used from:

  • Your private project folder: This folder contains the pipelines that will use the account.
  • Your Project Space’s shared folder: This folder is accessible to all the users that belong to the Project Space.
  • The global shared folder: This folder is accessible to all the users within an organization in the SnapLogic instance.

Account Configuration

In Manager, you can navigate to the required folder and create an account in it (see Accounts). To create an Active Directory Basic Auth account: 

  1. Click Create, then select Active Directory > Active Directory Basic Auth.
  2. Supply an account label.
  3. Supply the UsernamePasswordDomain namePortURI of the LDAP server, Referral
  4. (Optional) Supply additional information on this account in the Notes field of the Info tab.
  5. Click Apply.

Avoid changing account credentials while pipelines using them are in progress. This may lead to unexpected results, including locking the account.

Account Types

Active Directory Basic Auth

Account Settings


Required. User provided label for the account instance


Required. Username for this account

Example: Administrator@server.example.com

Default value: [None]


Required. Password for this account

Default value: [None]

Domain name

Required. The Active Directory domain name.

Example: Administrator@server.example.com

Default value: [None]


Required. Port number to connect to Active Directory

Default value: 389

URI of the LDAP server

Required. URI of the LDAP server.

Example: ldap://123.456.789.120

Default valueldap://some_ldpa_hostname

If your Snaplex is using JDK 8u181 or higher, your existing Pipelines are likely to break with a "Failed to validate account" error. This is because Java's Improved LDAP Support security enhancement enables endpoint identification on LDAPS connections by default.


Set the JVM option com.sun.jndi.ldap.object.disableEndpointIdentification to true in your Snaplex's node properties (Global properties). This disables endpoint identification. You may have to contact your SnapLogic Organization Admin to include this setting. 


How to handle referrals to another server. Options available include:

  • Automatically follow any referrals

  • Ignore referrals

Default value: Automatically follow any referrals

Account Encryption

Standard Encryption

If you are using Standard Encryption, the High sensitivity settings under Enhanced Encryption are followed.

Enhanced Encryption

If you have the Enhanced Account Encryption feature, the following describes which fields are encrypted for each sensitivity level selected per each account.

  • High:
  • Medium + High: Username, password
  • Low + Medium + HighUsername, password

Account History

4.19 (snapsmrc528)

  • No updates made.

4.18 (snapsmrc523)

  • No updates made.

4.16 (snapsmrc508)

  • No updates made. Automatic rebuild with a platform release.

4.15 (snapsmrc500)

  • No updates made. Automatic rebuild with a platform release.

4.14 (snapsmrc490) 

  • No updates made. Automatic rebuild with a platform release.


  • Info tab added to accounts.