Searching for an Account

You can search for existing accounts  SnapLogic Manager in two ways. 

Method 1: Using the Asset Search option in the left navigation bar

  1. In Manager, click Asset Search in the left navigation pane.

  2. Enter the search string in the Search field.

  3.  Optionally, to refine the search, select the project to Search In.  

  4. Click Go

  5. Click the Accounts tab to view the list of matching accounts. 

Method 2: Using options in the project page 

  1. In the SnapLogic Manager, click Project Spaces in the left navigation pane

  2. Navigate to your project folder.

  3. In the Search field in the project page, specify the partial or complete account name to search for. The search is automatically initiated.

  4. Click the Accounts tab to view the list of matching accounts. You can also first navigate to the Accounts tab and then run your search.

  5. Optionally, select the Exact search check box to display only the accounts whose name exactly matches the search string.

Specifying the Search String

The Search field is case insensitive, and the search string can include more than one word. Moreover, the search results include all accounts where either the account type or the account name matches the search string. 

Example: Case-insensitive search with multiple words

In the following image, all accounts that have either of the words from the string "oauth 27sept" in their name are displayed in the results:

Example: Search results from both account Type and Name 

In the following image, accounts having either of the search words in the account Type or account Name are displayed in the results: