Modifying an Account

You can modify an account after it is created; however, all account fields may not be available for editing.

NOTE: If the label of an Account changes, the change might not be reflected immediately in the Snap instance that uses that account.

  • In the UI, you can reopen and resave every Pipeline that uses the modified Account to refresh the information.

  • In APIs, refer to the Account instance by its asset ID, instead of its label. You can find the asset ID of an Account instance from the Pipeline's metadata.

    1. Export the Pipeline to view its metadata. The .slp file generated by the export is a JSON-formatted file.

    2. In the JSON tree, under snap_map, go to the branch for the Snap that uses the modified Account.
      TIP: Under snap_map, the keys are the Snap asset IDs. Use the Snap's class_fqid and class_id to help you find the appropriate Snap.

    3. Under the appropriate Snap's branch, the Account's asset ID is the value of property_map.account.account_ref.value.ref_id.value.

To modify an account:

  1. Navigate to the account in one of the following ways:

    • Through the Asset Search option in the left navigation bar, or

    • By navigating to your project and selecting the Accounts tab on the project page.

  2. Click the account name. 
    You can also access the account by clicking the Snap that uses the account > Account tab > Select account > Edit Account.

  3. In the Edit Account dialog, modify the field values as required. Typically, you cannot modify the Title and Class FQID values in the Info tab.

    Edit Account dialog
  4. If the account type supports validation, click Validate to validate the entered information.

  5. Click Apply to save the changes.