4.11 Dot Releases

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SnapLogic dot releases help optimize and continuously improve the Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP). This dot release page documents all the customer-impacting updates done across the platform and any actions that you need to perform in your SnapLogic instance. 


Release #DateUpdate(s)BuildAction(s)
4.11.3 Platform updated to enable you to create or update accounts when the sensitive fields are provided in plain text. The SnapLogic Create and SnapLogic Update Snaps automatically encrypt the data.master-2604If your org is configured for Enhanced Account Encryption, update the Snaplex to run this patch. 
4.11.2 Fixed memory growth seen during some scenarios. Also, added an option for SnapLogic Support to obtain a heap dump from the Snaplex.master-2585If SnapLogic Support needs to obtain a heap dump from a Snaplex node, update the Snaplex to run this patch. In addition, the org administrator has to provide access to the SnapLogic Support team so they can obtain the heap dump.

Fixed an issue with pipeline prepare timing-out for large pipelines that use nested pipelines. 

master-2530Once the Platform is running with this patch, the org administrator can disable the pipeline analysis operation, which can cause this issue. Contact SnapLogic Support for details.

For information on updating Snaplexes, refer to Updating a Snaplex Version.


The following are the Snap Pack updates since the 4.11 release:

Snap PackUpdate dateBuild


RabbitMQ rabbitmq4653Fixed an issue with the RabbitMQ Retry Mechanism that fails to process after failure.
SOAP soap4648Fixed an issue with the SOAP Execute Snap, which fails to parse the XML schema information in a WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file.
Azure SQL azuresql4631Fixed an issue with the Azure Polybase Bulk Load Snap, which fails to parse when there is no input.
Active Directory activedirectory4630
  • Fixed an issue in the Active Directory Search Snap, wherein the PartialResultException error stopped the working of the Snap. 
  • Added support for back- and forward-slashes within distinguished names.
Transform transform4558Enforced UTF-8 character encoding for the Fixed Width Formatter Snap.
Confluent Kafka confluentkafka4626Fixed an issue with the Confluent Kafka Consumer Snap, wherein the Consumer session is not closing properly when manually stopping a pipeline, which causes the subsequent pipeline execution to wait for the previous session to die and not consume messages.
RabbitMQ rabbitmq4613

Added the RabbitMQ Producer Snap with property 'Wait for confirms timeout (ms)' to enable the user configure the publish timeout in milliseconds.

Redshift db/redshift4589Fixed an issue when creating a Redshift table via the second/metadata input view.
RabbitMQ rabbitmq4535

Enhanced the RabbitMQ Producer and Consumer for connection retry logic when running in Ultra Pipelines.


Addressed an issue with the SAP iDoc Listener and iDoc Document Listener Snaps where the pipeline takes a longer time to stop while performing a manual trigger. 

RabbitMQ rabbitmq4465

Fixed an issue with the RabbitMQ Producer where dynamic queues were created for each instance of an Ultra Pipeline. The property Create dynamic queue is added as a part of the fix.

Flow flow4461

Fixed an issue with the Pipeline Execute Snap that could cause the parent pipeline to freeze when the child pipeline fails.

Email email4481
  • Resolved the following issues with the Email Reader Snap: 
    • The Snap now reads to fetch mails from a shared mail box.
    • The Snap can now read the file attachment that has a percent sign [%], or ó. 
  • Updated the Email Delete Snap code to display the default value as zero instead of blank in the UI.
Binary binary4424Resolved an Issue with SFTP server where the pipeline stopped responding while writing to the Tumbleweed server (SFTP server). Fixed the code in a way that the SFTP server now flushes out data after each write.
SAP sap4429Added support for the retry and exception routing for the SAP Snaps (SAP Execute, IDoc Document Listener, IDoc Listener, IDoc Read, IDoc Write).

  netsuite4382Resolved an issue with the NetSuite Search, Create and Update Snaps that now show the custom field suggestions in the drop down.
RabbitMQ rabbitmq4423

Fixed an issue with the RabbitMQ Producer Snap that now creates dynamic queue for each message received.

Oracle db/oracle4369Enhanced Oracle Bulk Load Snap to also accept date-type values in the "yyyy-mm-dd" format.
Snowflake MULTIPLE4377Fixed a document call issue that was slowing down the Snowflake Bulk Load Snap.
Dynamics CRM dynamicscrm4359Added support for customer data type as input parameter for the Dynamics CRM snaps.
Transform transform4361Fixed a sort issue in Join and Sort snaps, where the end of the file was not detected correctly.
Transform transform4343Removed the enum labels on BinaryToDocument and DocumentToBinary snaps. 
SAP sap4342
  • SAP IDoc Write Snap now supports IDoc Extension type.
  • SAP Self-service/on-demand ability to clear IDoc metadata cache.
Salesforce salesforce4299
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Salesforce SOQL Snap did not get an input stream from the next records URL.
  • Fixed an issue with the Salesforce SOQL Snap querying deleted records using Bulk API.
SQL Server db/sqlserver4388Fixed an issue with the Stored Procedure Snap table definition's column ordering of the output data.
RabbitMQ rabbitmq4324

Fixed the following issues:

  • The RabbitMQ Snap, which failed, throwing a connection timeout error instead of trying to reconnect.
  • Issue with the Consumer Snap errors not going through error view.
  • Ultra Task Snap loaded the same document onto the RabbitMQ queue five times.
  • Ultra Task Snap, on an error logic retry, loaded the same document onto the RabbitMQ Producer Snap.
  • Inability to specify input variable for Routing key.
Transform transform4331
  • Fixed an issue with the XML Formatter pipeline that failed with the error, java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • Fixed an issue with the Transform Snaps, wherein the binary input of a zip file got decompressed, which should not.

    SnapLogic strongly recommends you to not use this Snap Pack version. Instead, use transform4343.

REST rest4333Added support for the Binary File Uploads in the REST POST Snap.
Transform transform4281Added support on the kryo serialization for UUID and other types to the Sort, Join, and In-Memory Lookup Snaps.
Azure SQL db/azuresql4326
  • Fixed an issue with the Azure SQL Polybase Bulk Load Snap, which allowed the Snap to load data to a table with identity columns for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse instance.
  • Fixed an encoding issue when using a Windows Snaplex, and added an "Encoding" Snap property that allows a user to choose the input data's encoding from UTF-8 and UTF-16.
Binary binary4328Fixed an issue with the File Delete Snap that was unable to delete a file size of more than 1MB.
Box box4306Resolved an issue with the Box Read Snap, which was unable to continue running due to the token getting expired. The fix helps to proceed with a new access token when the current access token expires.
Confluent Kafka confluentkafka4302Fixed an issue with the Confluent Kafka Consumer Snap that fetched only 500 messages, when the message count is set to 0, which should return all available messages. 
NetSuite netsuite4296Resolved an issue with NetSuite Update and Search Snaps wherein Custom fields are not populated in the Snaps.
Hadoop hadoop4275Addressed an issue with Parquet Reader Snap leaking file descriptors (connections to HDFS data nodes). The Open File descriptor values are now stable.
Flow flow4292 

Resolved an issue with the Union Snap in Ultra Mode that spiked the CPU utilization to ~30% when starting more than 120 instances.

PostgreSQL db/postgres4290Fixed an issue when inserting a valid NaN value into a column.
Dynamics CRM dynamicscrm4286Added support for processing Dynamics CRM data types in the CRM Upsert Snap.
SQL Server db/sqlserver4288Fixed an issue when inserting a valid NaN value into a column.
Snowflake db/snowflake4283Fixed an issue by adding a PUT command to the list of DDL command list for Snowflake.
Snowflake db/snowflake4273Resolved an issue with Snowflake Bulk Load Delimiter Consistency (comma and newline).