Slack Snap Pack

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Use the Slack Snap Pack to integrate and automate your Slack environments to improve collaboration across your teams, thus improving productivity.


To use the Snaps in this Snap Pack, you must:

  • Create a Slack application (App).
  • Add features to your App.
  • Define the OAuth permissions.
  • Add redirect URLs.
  • Define scopes for the App.
  • Install the app to generate Bot and User Tokens.
  • Gather basic information: Client ID and Client secret.
  • Use the Tokens or the basic information to create accounts for the Snaps.

See Start building Slack apps and Scopes and Permissions for more information.

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Snaps in this Snap Pack

  • Channel Operations: Perform channel operations in your Slack workspace such as creating a channel, inviting users to a channel, listing channel members, and archiving/unarchiving channels.
  • Delete File: Delete files that a user or bot has uploaded or shared in a channel, private group, or direct message.
  • Delete Message: Delete messages that a user or bot has uploaded or shared in a channel, private group, or through a direct message.

  • Search: Search for messages and files using a combination of keywords, sender, recipient, date, or duration when they were sent.

  • Send Message: Send messages using complete range of messaging capabilities that a Slack desktop installation offers such as text formatting, special characters, emojis, code snippets, and hyperlinks.

  • Update Message: Edit messages that a user/bot has sent.

  • Upload File: Upload or share files as part of conversations in a channel, private group, or direct message.

  • User Operations: Perform user operations such as retrieving user information, and adding users to or removing users from your workspace. You require an Enterprise Grid installation of Slack to perform some of these operations.

  • Workspace Operations: Perform workspace operations such as retrieving workspace details, creating a new workspace, retrieving the list of workspaces, users, or channels, and deleting channels. You require an Enterprise Grid installation of Slack to perform some of these operations.