Working with Projects

For Projects that you have access to, a context menu icon appears when you hover over the name.

This menu displays the actions you have permissions to perform on the Project:

  • Permissions: Lets you add users or groups to the Project with one of the following permissions:
    • Read Only
    • Read & Write
    • Read & Execute
    • Full Access
    • Owner
  • Edit: Lets you edit the name of the Project and specify it as a Pattern Project.

  • Delete: Lets you delete the Project.

    Projects can only be deleted if they are empty. All other assets must be deleted first. Else, you receive the following error message:

  • Export: Exporting a Project sends all Pipelines, files, and tasks to a .zip file.
  • Activity Log: Provides a way for Org administrators to track changes to user accounts and assets within their Org.