Pipeline: Salesforce.com Data to a File

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I want to query Salesforce.com for information and write it to a file.


Snaps Used

For this scenario, the following Snaps are used:

  • Salesforce Read
  • CSV Format
  • File Writer

Other Requirements

  • A Salesforce account configured in SnapLogic Manager. See Accounts for more information on configuring an account.


  1. Create a new pipeline by clicking the (+) tab.
    • Add and configure a Salesforce Read Snap.
  2. The Username, Password, and Security token fields are required.
  3. Add a CSV Snap. This formats and writes the data as CSV binary data to its output view for the file.
  4. Add and configure a File Writer Snap.
    • For each output, set the File Name to the name of the file where you want the results written to, including a path if necessary.