Designer Toolbar

The toolbar for the SnapLogic Designer provides access to the primary pipeline functionality. 

The SnapLogic toolbar includes the following tools:

  •  User Settings. See Defining User Settings
  •  Notifications. This can be an important system message that SnapLogic configured to display when you log in for the first time, such as an alert to upcoming system maintenance.
  •  Email Customer Support
  •    Help. Opens the product documentation.
  •  Log out
  • User Properties - Click on your user name to change your first or last name or your password.
  • Org drop-down - If your instance of SnapLogic is configured with multiple organizations and you are a part of more than one org, select the org that you want to work in.

  • Snaplex drop-down - select the Snaplex in which to run the pipeline.
  •   Execute Pipeline - See Working with Pipelines     
  •   Check Pipeline Statistics - See Working with Pipelines
  •   Save Pipeline - See Working with Pipelines
  •      Validate Pipeline - validates the pipeline. If the pipeline has unsaved changes, it will be saved first. Clicking the icon while a validation is in process cancels that validation. Shift-clicking the icon will clear the cache before validating.
  •      Edit Pipeline Properties - See Pipeline Properties
  •   Zoom In
  •   Zoom Out
  •   Zoom to Fit - fits the pipeline to the window.
  •  Pipeline Notes - Add a note on the canvas. See Using Pipeline Notes in SnapLogic Designer
  •   Print Pipeline Document - print or download a document with the details of the Snaps and configuration of the pipeline.
  •   Move Pipeline - See Moving a Pipeline
  •      Pipeline Versions
  •   Create Task. Let's you create a task for the current pipeline.
  •   Delete Pipeline - See Deleting a Pipeline
  •   Export Pipeline
  •      Copy Pipeline - See Copying a Pipeline
  •   Compare Pipeline
  •  /  More tools/Fewer tools toggle. When set to fewer tools, only Run pipeline, Check pipeline statistics, Save, Validate, Edit pipeline properties, Zoom in, Zoom out and Zoom to fit are displayed.