Downloading Snaplexes

 You can download the Snaplex files required for installing and configuring a standard Groundplex (also known as an on-premise Snaplex) from SnapLogic Manager. 

  1. In SnapLogic Manager, do one of the following:
    • Navigate to a Project folder (like Shared) containing an existing Snaplex, then click on the Snaplex. The Update Snaplex popup appears.
    • Navigate to the target project folder, then click  and select Snaplex. The Create Snaplex popup appears.
      1. Enter information for all fields, then click Save.
      2. Click the same Snaplex from the Assets list. The Update Snaplex popup appears.
  2. Click the Downloads tab, then click  to copy, or click to download the following files:
    • 4.22 GA Linux/RPM: Software image for RedHat-based Linux OS.
    • 4.22 GA Linux/DEB: Software image for Debian-based Linux OS.
    • 4.22 GA Windows/ZIP: Software image for Windows OS.
    • Docker Image: Software image (not downloadable) for Docker deployments.
    • Configuration: The configuration file (.slpropz) for a Snaplex. 

      Limited Duration

      The URL associated with the .slpropz download is only available for an hour. If you need to increase the time, use the public API for making the URL available to users.

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