SnapLogic Designer

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The SnapLogic Designer is the user interface that enables you to develop pipelines. The Designer comprises the Canvas, the Snap Catalog or Asset Palette, and the toolbars. A Designer Canvas tab opens by default for every open Pipeline. 

You can have multiple tabs open within the Designer. To close all tabs and start with a fresh Designer Canvas, enter the following URL in the browser:


Watch the following videos to understand the SnapLogic IIP Designer User Interface.

Designer Walkthrough Video - I

The following video illustrates the interface and the Snaps - the building blocks of the pipelines. 

Designer Walkthrough Video - II

This video is a continuation of the Part-I video above. It focuses on everything in the Interface apart from the Snaps explicitly discussed in Part-I.

Create Your First Pipeline Video

This video demonstrates how to use Snaps to create a basic pipeline in the SnapLogic Designer. You can create a more complex pipeline based on your requirement once you understand how to create a pipeline.

Configuring and Executing a Pipeline 

This video shows you the next step after creating a pipeline: configuring and running the pipeline.