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This Snap provides the ability to delete records in NetSuite based on a given list of internal IDs and object types. The fields that can be set on the object are provided on the input view of the Snap and can be mapped using an upstream Data or Structure Snap. This Snap batches up to 100 records per request.

  • Expected upstream Snaps: Any Snap that provides a document output view such as a Structure or a JSON Generator Snap. 
  • Expected downstream Snaps: [None] or any Snap that has a document input view such as a Filter or a Data or a JSON Formatter.
  • Expected input: This Snap provides a schema on its input view for the selected object that can then be used in a Mapper Snap to map the required fields. 
  • Expected output: This Snap provides the result of the delete operation for each record on the output view. Errors can be routed to the error view if enabled or cause the Snap to fail during execution.

Note: Empty number values should be given as 0.0, not as null.



Support and limitations:Works in Ultra Pipelines.
Known Issues:

This Snap currently does not support custom records.


This Snap uses account references created on the Accounts page of SnapLogic Manager to handle access to this endpoint. See NetSuite Account for information on setting up this type of account.

InputThis Snap has exactly one document input view.
OutputThis Snap has at most one document output view.
ErrorThis Snap has at most one document error view and produces zero or more documents in the view.



Required. The name for the Snap. You can modify this to be more specific, especially if you have more than one of the same Snap in your pipeline.

Batch size

Required. The maximum number of input documents to batch in a single request. Set to 1 to make a separate request for each input document.  

 Default value: 100

Route records to appropriate views

If selected, the Snap parses the response and routes resulting records to the output view or the error view depending on the resulting status: success or failure.
If not selected, the Snap would not parse the response and write the document(s) to the output view or the error view per each batch.

Default value: Not selected  

Pass through


Required. If selected, the Snap passes the input document to the output view under the 'original' key. If not selected, the input document is not passed through to the output view. The error view always has an input document in each error document whether this property is selected or not. This property matters only if the "Route records to appropriate views" property is selected.

Default value: Selected  

Request timeout

Required. The timeout for the web service call (in seconds). A value of 0 indicates no timeout.

Example: 0
Default value: 0

Maximum request attempts

Required. Specifies the maximum number of attempts to be made to receive a response. The request is terminated if the attempts do not result in a response.

Default value: 3

Retry request interval 

Required. Specifies the interval (in seconds) between two successive requests. A retry happens only when the previous attempt resulted in an exception.

Default value: 2

Snap Execution

Select one of the three modes in which the Snap executes. Available options are:

  • Validate & Execute: Performs limited execution of the Snap, and generates a data preview during Pipeline validation. Subsequently, performs full execution of the Snap (unlimited records) during Pipeline runtime.
  • Execute only: Performs full execution of the Snap during Pipeline execution without generating preview data.
  • Disabled: Disables the Snap and all Snaps that are downstream from it.

This Snap does not currently support custom records.


HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication required.

Unable to tunnel through proxy.

Add the following key-value pair values to your Groundplex configuration and restart the plex to reflect the changes.

Key : jcc.jvm_options
Value : -Djdk.http.auth.tunneling.disabledSchemes=""


Example #1

Following example will illustrate the usage of Delete Snap. In this example we will delete two account records by internal ID as a batch operation. One of the input documents deletes a record successfully and the other fails.

Sample pipeline looks as shown below: 

The input documents to the Snap are as following:

The output document at the output view is as following:

The error document at the error view is as following:

Example #2

The following example will illustrate the usage of the Delete Snap. In this example, we update an employee record using the NetSuite Upsert Snap, which we later delete using the Delete Snap.

In the pipeline execution:

Mapper (Data) Snap maps the employee details to the input fields of NetSuite Upsert Snap: 

NetSuite Upsert Snap updates an employee record using the Employee object:

Mapper (Data)1 Snap maps the output of the NetSuite Upsert Snap to the input fields of NetSuite Delete Snap:

NetSuite Delete Snap deletes the employee record based on the supplied external ID.  When the NetSuite Delete Snap is saved, it generates the input schema automatically:

After the pipeline executes, the NetSuite Delete Snap shows the following data preview: 


Snap Pack History

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ReleaseSnap Pack VersionDateTypeUpdates
August 2022main17386 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.29 Patch429patches16915 Latest

Fixed an issue with NetSuite Search Snap where the Snap displayed the Could not translate an element declaration element exception intermittently when multiple search Snaps are executed simultaneously.

4.29main15993 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.28main14627 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.27 Patch427patches13080 LatestFixed an XML parsing issue with stripping empty elements for the NetSuite Snaps.
4.27 Patch427patches13072 Latest

Fixed an issue in the NetSuite Search Snap where the Snap failed when the body is not present in the SOAP request.

4.27main12833 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.26main11181 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.24 Patch424 patches8891 Latest

Introduced the new Snap NetSuite Call RESTlet that enables calling RESTlet scripts using token-based authentication. This Snap provides the functionality of the NetSuite RESTlet framework that supports the HTTP methods (GET, DELETE, POST, PUT) and MIME types.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.


  • Removed the obsolete Sandbox Account check box from the NetSuite Token Account.

  • Removed the now redundant Custom WSDL URL Domain field from the NetSuite Token Account to support NetSuite's transition to automatic account-specific domain identification.

4.20 Patch netsuite8799 Latest

Updates the NetSuite Create, Update, Upsert, and Async Upsert Snaps to use the Classification type instead of Class, to resolve schema generation issues. While the Class type remains available in the NetSuite Search and Async Search Snaps for backwards compatibility, use of the Classification type is recommended.



StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.

Certified the NetSuite Snap Pack against the NetSuite version 2019.1. This does not impact existing Pipelines.

4.18 Patch netsuite7879 Latest

Fixed the NetSuite Snaps where the Snaps intermittently fail to reach, cache, and view the NetSuite WSDL and XSD files.

4.18 Patch netsuite7779 Latest

Fixed an issue with the NetSuite Update Snap and the NetSuite Create Snap wherein the Snaps are unable to properly handle null values for the standard and the custom fields.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.

Pushed automatic rebuild of the latest version of each Snap Pack to SnapLogic UAT and Elastic servers.

  • Deprecated the NetSuite Credential account type.

  • Added the Snap Execution field to all Standard-mode Snaps. In some Snaps, this field replaces the existing Execute during preview check box.

4.16 Patch netsuite6911 Latest

Fixed an issue with running multiple Pipelines by lazy-fetching custom fields metadata.


Custom fields are not displayed in the updated NetSuite Create, Update, Upsert, Search, Async Upsert, or Async Search Snaps. They are visible only for Snaps where you have configured custom fields with SnapLogic 4.15 or earlier releases. With the updated NetSuite Snaps, you must connect a Mapper Snap as an upstream Snap to map custom fields.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.


StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.12 Patchnetsuite4888 Latest

Increased the maximum timeout to two minutes when parsing the WSDL file to fix an issue where the Netsuite Snap Pack is unable to parse XML schema information from the given WSDL file.



StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.11 Patch netsuite4382 Latest

Resolved an issue with the NetSuite Search, Create and Update Snaps that now show the custom field suggestions in the drop down.

4.11 Patch netsuite4296 Latest

Resolved an issue with NetSuite Update and Search Snaps where Custom fields are not populated on the Snaps.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.


StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.9.0 Patch netsuite3227 Latest

Addressed an issue with retry disabled if the reason field contains INVALID_KEY_OR_REF

4.9.0 Patch netsuite3112 Latest

Addressed an issue in NetSuite Upsert where List/Record type is sent as MultiSelectCustomFieldRef.

4.9.0 Patch netsuite3015 Latest

Added Thread Safety to the creation of Soap Request Message for the NetSuite Search Snap.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.8.0 Patch netsuite2839 Latest

Provided a new property for custom WSDL support for NetSuite

4.8.0 Patch netsuite2704 Latest

Fixed performance issue on NetSuite Snap Pack which was caused by the WSDL imports.



  • Route records to appropriate views and Pass through properties added to the Netsuite Upsert, Delete and GetList Snaps.
  • Introduced the NetSuite Get Async Result, NetSuite Check Async Status, NetSuite Async Delete, NetSuite Async Get, NetSuite Async Upsert, NetSuite Async Search Snaps in this release.
  • Info tab added to accounts.


StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.6.0 Patch netsuite1855 
  • Resolved an issue with the NetSuite Search Snap intermittently generating a "The body is not present in the SOAP request" error.
  • Maximum request attempts and Retry request interval options added to the NetSuite Upsert, Get, Get List, Create, Search, Delete and Update Snaps.
  • NetSuite Get Item Availability Snap was introduced in this release.
  • Resolved an issue in NetSuite Snap Pack that caused Snaps to fail with read timeout errors.
  • Enhanced the NetSuite Snaps to support custom fields on the following object types: VendorBill, VendorBillItem, VendorBillExpense, ExpenseReportExpense, PurchaseOrderExpense. Additionally, Address on Contact, Customer, Partner, Vendor, Job, & Employee are also supported when using WSDL version 2014.2 or later.
  • Enhanced the NetSuite Search Snap to support the general object types Item and Transaction, rather than just their more specific subtypes.
  • Resolved an issue with the NetSuite Upsert Snap that was incorrectly handling some failed requests as successful requests. Any response containing at least one error status is now written to the error view instead of the output view.


  • Updated the Search Snap to support advanced search. This enables you to execute a saved search using its ID & search for relevant records in it. 
  • Fixed an error in NetSuite Update Snap that restricted access to a custom field in the addressbook sublist of a contact object.


  • Item and Inventory Item added as options for the Object property in NetSuite Search.
  • Token Based Authentication for SuiteTalk web services added.
  • Resolved an issue in NetSuite Snaps to ensure appropriate handling and display of error messages during failure.
  • Resolved an issue in NetSuite Snaps that occurred when different values were entered for a custom field.
  • Resolved an issue in NetSuite Search Snap to ensure all records are returned when the input search criteria is empty.
  • NetSuite Snaps are enhanced to support the APIs from 2016 (version 2016). Starting from SnapLogic 4.5 release, only APIs from 2014 or later are supported.
  • MIGRATION IMPACT: Note that the accounts have changed for NetSuite. The existing NetSuite account was renamed to NetSuite Credentials Account; the properties of WSDL Release and WSDL Patch were added and the Testdrive account option was removed. A NetSuite Token Account was also added.
  • SnapLogic's pre-assigned NetSuite Application ID is now in every header sent for NetSuite Calls.
  • Resolved an issue with a memory leak in this Snap Pack.
  • Resolved an issue that occurred while collecting JSON schema information.
  • Resolved an issue with setting a custom field to blank in the Update, Create, and Upsert Snaps.
  • Resolved an issue with not being able to clear standard fields that have a value in Update and Upsert Snaps.
  • Resolved an issue with "custom field" suggest showing an error when using a standard type with only one active custom field definition.
  • Resolved an issue with NetSuite Search Snap not producing contact address info as output.
  • In validation/preview mode only, WSDL versions are checked for consistency between the Snap and the Account.
  • Resolved an issue with NetSuite Search Snap ignoring criteria from an input document if any custom field criteria was specified in the Snap.
  • Support for Custom Records added.
  • Support for additional object types added.
  • Support for custom fields for all Transaction types added.
  • Support for custom fields of type Checkbox (boolean) added to the Search, Create, and Update Snaps.
  • Support for custom fields of type Date and Decimal added to the Create and Update Snaps.
  • Resolved an issue with the consistency of the output schema when Search returned more than one page.
  • Resolved an issue with custom fields not appearing in the Update Snap.
  • Resolved an issue with NetSuite Create with custom field not showing in the output payload.
  • Improved performance of the NetSuite Snap Pack.
 StableSnaps tested against NetSuite server version 2015.2.