Changing a User's Name and Password

To modify a user's name and password information using the SnapLogic UI: 

  1. In SnapLogic, click your username in the upper-right corner. The User Settings dialog appears.

  2. Click Edit to display the Update User dialog.

  3. Click Change Password.

  4. Enter your existing and new passwords in the given fields.

  5. Click Update to complete changing your password. 

  • If the password changes without your knowledge, contact SnapLogic Support. For service accounts, the notification is sent to the creator of the account. 
  • After five unsuccessful login attempts, you are forced to change your password on the next successful login. You are limited to three password resets per day and one request within an hour.

Resetting your Password

  1. If you forget your SnapLogic password, click the Forgot password? link on the login screen.

  2. The submit user name prompt appears. Enter your email address (user name) to send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

The link sent in the email to reset your password is only valid for 24 hours and can only be used once. Once your password is reset, you cannot reset your password again for one hour.

Guidelines for Password Requirements

  • Minimum nine characters.
  • Must contain at least one of each of the following:
    • An uppercase alphabetic character.
    • A lowercase alphabetic character.
    • A number.
    • One supported special characters: *&^%$#@!~`|]}[{";:/?.,<> 

Password Restrictions

  • Do not use dictionary words.
  • Do not use your username.
  • Do not use a string of six characters from the email address.
  • Do not use your first or last name.
  • Do not use repeated or sequential characters.
  • Do not reuse five previous passwords.

Locked Accounts/Expired Passwords

If your account is locked or your password expired, you cannot invoke SnapLogic Public APIs, and your Scheduled Tasks will fail to run. See Support and Limitations in Triggered Tasks.