Manager Toolbars

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The SnapLogic Toolbar

The SnapLogic toolbar in Manager enables you to perform basic tasks associated with your SnapLogic account, such as managing application settings and contacting our Customer Support team.

The toolbar appears at the top-right of the SnapLogic Manager interface, and enables you to perform the following tasks:

View service-related notifications from SnapLogic. For example, you can access all system-maintenance-related updates using this button.

Email customer support.

Ensure that your browser is configured to handle email links.

Access SnapLogic Help.
Log out of SnapLogic.
<Your Display Name>View and edit your profile. For more details on performing this task see Updating a User's Information.
<Org Name>

If your SnapLogic instance is configured with multiple organizations and you are a part of more than one org, click the Org name displayed in the top-right section of the page. From the drop-down list displayed, select the Org in which you want to work. 

The Project Toolbar

The Project toolbar provides shortcuts to actions on the selected objects within a project.

Entries per pageSpecify the number of project assets you want to see per page.

Execute selected Pipelines.

Create an asset.

Delete selected assets.

Move selected assets.

Copy selected assets.
Refresh the assets view.

View version information associated with the selected Pipeline.