Snaplex Management APIs (archived)

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SnapLogic APIs

The following SnapLogic APIs enable you to programmatically manage Snaplex nodes.

You must be an Org admin to use these APIs. 

Snaplex Path Syntax

<snaplex_path> refers to the complete absolute path of the Snaplex. It should be in the following syntax:

POST /api/1/rest/public/snaplex/restart/<snaplex_path>/<hostname>

Requests a restart of the specified node.


  • hostname: the JCC node hostname.
  • msg: The reason for the restart.
  • force: whether or not to restart immediately or wait for other jobs to complete. If force is set to True, the JCC node restarts immediately. Otherwise, the JCC node restarts when the pipeline execution completes or reaches the Snaplex maximum waiting time.


  • body:
    • msg: the message
    • force: true/false 
  • authorization: choose Basic Auth and enter your username/password.

POST /api/1/rest/public/snaplex/restart/<snaplex_path>

Requests a rolling restart of a Snaplex.

Only an Org admin can use this API.


POST /api/1/rest/public/snaplex/maintenance/<snaplex_path>/<hostname>

Requests putting the JCC node into maintenance mode.


  • hostname: the JCC node hostname.
  • mode: imode is True, the system puts the JCC node to maintenance mode. Otherwise, the system sets the JCC node to running mode.


  • body: mode, true/false (mode is boolean)
  • authorization: choose Basic Auth and enter your username/password.

GET /api/1/rest/public/snaplex/config/<snaplex_path>?expire_hours=n

Retrieve information needed to install and configure a node on a Groundplex. This API can be used when automating the installation of Groundplex nodes. 

The optional expire_hours parameter allows you to set an expiration for the URL, where n is the number of hours that the link is valid. The default time is 1 hour if the parameter is not specified, and the minimum value is 1 hour.


  • config: a signed link to get the .slpropz file that holds the configuration for a Snaplex node. If you are an administrator for the organization, the configuration contains the generic CC credentials. Otherwise, the caller's credentials are included in the configuration.
  • pkgs: the software packages that are available for installation. The available types are: plex-rpm, plex-deb, and plex-win. Each type is a separate object with the following field:
    • uri: the link to download the software.

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