Enabling the Prevention of Duplicates for Ultra Pipeline Tasks

The Prevention of Duplicates enhancement fixes an issue with Ultra Pipelines Tasks where duplicate messages occur.

Do not delete existing feature flags

The following procedure describes how to enable the Prevention of Duplicates enhancement feature flag on your Org. You must have Org admin access to perform the steps. Since some Orgs may already have existing feature flags, you must also include those feature flags in addition to the Prevention of Duplicates enhancement feature flag when you run the request.

You can enable the feature flag using cURL, Postman, Powershell, or any REST client or terminal of your preference, but some of the syntax or details may differ.

  1. Obtain your Org ID by doing one of the following actions:
    • Navigate to SnapLogic Manager > Settings. You can find your Org ID below Organization Id at the top of the Settings page. 
    • Alternatively, you can run the following API call: 
      The API call requires authentication. In the returned response, the Org Id is the value to the org_snode_id key.

  2. Check to see if you have any feature flags already set for your Org.


    If you have other existing feature flags set for your Org, then they must be appended to the request in Step 3. Contact SnapLogic Support for questions about current feature flags.

    1. Make the following request from a browser:

      Sample Response
          "response_map": {
            "overrides": {},
            "_id": "52e99318640a9a03d8681d0d",
            "flag_overrides": {
            "dist_id": "latest"
          "http_status_code": 200

      Where <Existing_feature_flags> are the feature flags that are already enabled in the Org.

    2. Make note of any existing feature flags for the next step.

  3. Apply the following feature flag to a specific Org, appending any existing feature flags from Step 2.

    "com.snaplogic.cc.common.ReopenConnection.ENABLED": "true"
    Example CURL Command for Enabling Retry Enhancement

    curl -u <org_admin_username> -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary '{"flag_overrides": {"com.snaplogic.cc.common.ReopenConnection.ENABLED": "true", ...<Existing_feature_flag>}}' https://elastic.snaplogic.com/api/1/rest/admin/snappack/org-dist/<org_snode_id>


      • The org_admin_username is the username of the Org admin.

      • The org_snode_id is the Org identifier (for example: 52e44318640a9a03d8681d0d).

      • <Existing_feature_flag> indicates any existing feature flags from Step 2a.

To verify that the Prevention of Duplicates enhancement is enabled for a specific Org, make the browser request given in Step 2a; the response should include the feature flag listed among any existing feature flags.