4.3 Patch Releases

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Custom War File

Custom war files are used to update Snaplexes.

To apply patches to existing Snaplexes:

  1. As an org admin, log into the SnapLogic Manager (https://elastic.Snaplogic.com/sl/manager.html
  2. Navigate to the Snaplex list in the Shared Project
  3. Select each of your Snaplexes in turn, open the Update panel (click on the Snaplex name, or click the drop-down menu for the Snaplex  and select View)
  4. In the panel which opens the option for “Version” is available, select the latest patch
  5. Select Update.

For more information, see Update Snaplex.


4.3 Patch


Customer Specific corner case.
4.3 Patch

Removes an older PostgreSQL driver from the platform code as it was causing issues with updates made for the Redshift Snap Pack.

Note: The 4.3.1 version of the PostgreSQL Snap Pack requires the older driver. If you are using this Snap Pack, do not apply this update until you have the 4.3.2 version of the PostgreSQL Snap Pack.

4.3 Snaplex Patch 3

Ultra pipelines with a Copy Snap were not completely tracking document lineage. This issue could result in the pipeline incorrectly thinking an input document had been completely processed and returning an error ("Pipeline did not produce a valid response") to the HTTP client.

This patch includes the previous updates.

4.3 Snaplex Patch 2

Configurable SFTP Timeouts. A few additional options were added to configure timeoutsSFTP_TIMEOUT_MILLISSFTP_CONNECTION_RETRY, and SFTP_RETRY_DELAY_MILLIS

See Configuration Settings for Snaps for more information.

4.3 Snaplex Patch 1 
Suggest connection cleanup. SnapLogic identified a resource issue which could lead to degraded performance of development environments, caused in the suggest operation. A resolution to this issue has been identified, tested and made available for customers to deploy through the Snaplex Update functionality in Manager.

Other Updates

This section contains other updates made between releases.

  • December 11, 2015: A small UI update was pushed to resolve an issue in the logstash log viewer where the results being shown were not being updated correctly. This update will cause a UI logout/login cycle, but otherwise no effect.