Snap Updates, March 2015

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Live on March 19, 2015



  • Splunk Search Snap
  • NetSuite Update Snap
  • SAP HANA Stored Procedure


Updated Snaps may include new or changed functionality or be otherwise improved.

  • All Database Snaps
    • Additional SQL state codes and definitions were added to error messages.
    • The logic around the quoting of table and column names with mixed case, special characters and spaces has changed.
  • Anaplan Snap Pack
    • Anaplan accounts now work with Anaplan certificates
  • Compress & Decompress
    • Resolved an issue with pipeline preview not limiting the amount of data available in preview.
  • CSV Formatter
    • Exception resolved when the quote character and delimiter were the same.
  • Eloqua Read
    • "JSON is not well formatted" issue resolved.
  • File Writer
    • Improved error messages.
  • Generic JDBC Snap Pack
    • Execute Snap now has Execute during preview option.
  • LDAP Snap
    • Option values for Entry type were changed to US English spellings.
  • MultiFile Reader
    • Resolved an issue were some files were read twice if Include subfolders was selected when using the S3 protocol.
  • MySQL Select
    • Resolved an issue with using a where clause with a column name having a special character.
  • NetSuite Snap Pack
    • Snap Pack messages updated for clarity.
    • Once a NetSuite account is added to a Snap and you save or validate the Snap, the system now gets the datacenter URL and populates that in the Snap.
    • Create: Resolved an issue with an Invalid type error displaying.
  • Oracle Snap Pack
    • Select: Resolved a null pointer exception and a failure with Suggest for Output fields and Lookup Column name properties with a synonym as a table name.
    • Stored Procedure: Resolved issues where downstream Snaps were unable to execute when connected to an Oracle Stored Procedure not using the OUT parameter.
    • Lookup: Resolved an issue with Output fields and Lookup Column name properties when a synonym was used as a table name.
  • OpenAir Snap Pack
    • Read: Resolved an issue with duplicate records displaying.
  • Redshift Snap Pack
    • Bulk Upsert no longer fails when more than 3 key columns are provided in the Snap.
    • Bulk Upsert now respects the key column value.
    • Select no longer fails when a schema or table name contains special characters or spaces.
    • Execute: Error messaging improved.
  • SAP Snap Pack
    • Resolved BAPI failure not routing to error view.
  • SAP HANA Snap Pack
    • Insert: Issue resolved with failing to write a string "NaN" to a string datatype column in HANA.
    • Select: Issue resolved with invalid table name.
  • Script Snap
    • Generate Template link has been added within the Edit Script page to provide a template for each of the supported languages.
  • SOAP Snap Pack
    • Resolved an issue with security header tags not getting added when using the WSSE Account.
  • Tableau Writer
    • Validation was put in place for append and overwrite options to ensure only one is selected because they are mutually exclusive.
  • XML Formatter
    • The datetime output now outputs as UTC date/time
  • Vertica

Documentation Enhancements

  • Examples added to the following Snaps/Snap Packs:
    • XML Parser
    • NetSuite Snap Pack

Migration Impacts

  • If using the SAP Snap Pack, it is recommended that you restart your nodes.