January 2015 Launch Updates

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Live on production January 31, 2015.

Before You Begin

You need to clear your browser cache before you log into the latest SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform.

See the appropriate documentation for your browser:


  • New Beta Subscription Feature! Ultra Tasks. Let a pipeline continuously consume documents from external sources.
  • Beta: Service Accounts: These accounts are used for calling triggered tasks instead of using a user account.
  • Rubber band select: you can now hold down the Shift key, then click and drag to select multiple Snaps on the canvas.

  • Support for common keyboard commands in Designer.
  • Tasks
    • Enabling and disabling of tasks: On the Tasks page under a project, you can now enable and disable tasks.
    • The Tasks page under a project now has two additional columns: Enabled and Runtime Policy. The type of task (scheduled, triggered, ultra) displays in the Runtime Policy column.

Note: Any tasks that existed before this release will need to be updated before the Runtime Policy displays the task information, even if all you do is open the task and click Update.

  • Additional functions added to the expression language, including:
    • Global Functions and Properties
    • Pipeline Functions and Properties
    • Snap Functions and Properties
    • Math Functions and Properties
  • Performance enhancements to Dashboard
  • APIs: User/Group APIs is now available. See Public API Documentation for more information.
    Note: Any user can retrieve their own user data, but only org admins can see other users and are able to make any modifications.



  • SAP HANA Upsert
  • SQL Server Stored Procedure


Updated Snaps may include new or changed functionality or be otherwise improved.

  • Performance enhancements for database connection pooling for all databases.
  • Binary to Document Snap: The optional property Ignore empty stream was added.
  • Birst Snap Pack
    • Account validation added.
    • An optional input error view added to both Birst Snaps.
    • Birst Upload now has a document input view (instead of a binary input view) and accepts documents which will get formatted into Birst's csv format internally. This is not backwards compatible. 
  • Box Snap Pack: The account used to host the application integration has been updated. See Migration Impacts below.
  • CSV Formatter: Performance enhancements
  • CSV Parser:
    • Quote character is no longer a required field.
    • Optional Header size error policy field added. This setting lets you decide how to handle the error. In the newly provided csv, the last record is too big. Existing pipelines with this Snap will default to Both as this was the previous behavior.
  • Excel Parser: Now writes bad records to the document error view if configured.
  • HDFS Writer Snap: Optional File permissions for various users setting added.
  • JDBC drivers can now support multiple jar files.
  • JDBC Account: The settings Acquire increment and Retry Attempts were removed.
  • MongoDB Snap Pack: Account validation added.
  • MySQL Account: The settings Acquire increment and Retry Attempts were removed.
  • Oracle Account: The settings Acquire increment and Retry Attempts were removed.
  • PostgreSQL Account: The settings Acquire increment and Retry Attempts were removed. 
  • REST Snap Pack
    • Optional Raw data property added to all REST Snaps. If selected, the HTTP response content is written to the output view as is. If not selected, it is parsed according to the content type specified in the response header.
  • Redshift Snap Pack
    • Redshift Account: The settings Acquire increment and Retry Attempts were removed.
    • Optional Parallelism property added to Redshift Bulk Upsert and Bulk Load Snaps to define how many files will be created in S3 per execution. This is also known as using a Manifest file for copy command.
  • SAP HANA Account: The settings Acquire increment and Retry Attempts were removed.
  • Salesforce Snap Pack
    • Optional Bulk API Serial mode property added to Create, Delete, Upsert, and Update Snaps. If selected, Bulk API will run in Serial mode. If not selected, Bulk API will run in Parallel mode.
  • Script Snap: Optional Execute during preview property added.
  • SOAP Snap Pack
    • WSSE Account type added.
    • Optional Trust all certificates property added.
  • SQL Server Account: The settings Acquire increment and Retry Attempts were removed.
  • Workday Snap Pack
    • Objects and Outputs are now displayed in alphabetical order.
    • Workday Read now supports the additional outputs using a Boolean flag.
  • XML Parser
    • The splitting of an XML document functionality has been improved. You can provide the splitter expression (a path to the element you want to split an XML on) in the XML Parser Snap and it will split the document (regardless of the size of the original XML).
    • Performance improvements.
  • Vertica Account: The settings Acquire increment and Retry Attempts were removed.

Documentation Enhancements

In addition to documentation for new and updated features, the follow changes have been made:

  • Account documentation now includes field level information.
  • The Expression Language documentation has been reorganized to better follow the Functions and Properties list and more examples have been added

Migration Impacts

  • The Birst Snap input view has changed from binary to document. This change is not backward compatible.
  • If using the Box Snap Pack, please note that the account used to host the Box integration has been updated. This means existing refresh tokens will no longer work. You must re-authorize your Box account within SnapLogic. Also note, Box only allows one redirect URI. This limits the Snaps to working only on elastic.Snaplogic.com. If you have access to our UAT environment, the Box Snap Pack will not work there.
  • If using the SAP Snap Pack, it is recommended that you restart your nodes.