Project Migration API

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Use the Project Migration API to migrate a SnapLogic Project from one Org to another.

POST api/1/rest/public/project/migrate/<project_pathname>


Parameter NameDescriptionDefault ValueExample

The path of the target destination. 

asset_typesA list of the asset types to be included in the Project for migration. N/A["File", "Job", "Account", "Pipeline"]
async_modeIf true, then the request is returned immediately with message to wait for motd notification.true"false"

If true, then the request raises a conflict error if the Project with the same name exists in the specified destination path.


Binary header specifying the content type. Since all SnapLogic assets are JSON files, this parameter's value must always be application/json.


Sample Body

When the async_mode parameter is set to true, the request returns immediately with status_token and status_url

Sample Response

The status URL is a public API that checks the migration status: Started, Completed, or Failed. If the status is Failed, the response includes error messages.

The following example shows a status document:


  • The first migration to the destination Org creates a new Project if there is not a conflict.  The existing Project is overwritten If there is a conflict. 
  • Exclude accounts and Tasks during subsequent migrations other than the first one, when migrating using SnapLogic Manager. 
  • Do not migrate accounts and Tasks using the public API. When you include previously migrated accounts and Tasks in subsequent migrations, the API overwrites any changes that you may have manually made to the assets after initial migration. 
  • Update all account references in Pipelines if the account's name is changed after the migration. 
  • Every time you migrate a Project, SnapLogic retains existing associations between Pipelines and Tasks if the associated Tasks are included in the migration.