API Search Palette


You can use the API Search Palette to find Pipelines that are used in the APIs in your Org. The SnapLogic API Search Palette collects all of the existing APIs in your Org and enables you to open the Pipelines that the API uses in Designer.

You can access the API Search Palette through the Asset Palette or in the legacy Designer Snaps catalog.

Using the API Search Palette:

  1. Click on APIs in Asset Palette.
    The API Search Palette appears.

  2. Search for an API by entering a search term in the field:
    The results display the number of API matches in relevant Project Spaces.

  3. Click the API to view the versions, then click the Version folder to view the Pipelines used by the API in that Version.

  4. Click the Pipeline to open it on the Designer Canvas.

You can modify and save the Pipeline for that version. You can also copy it or export the Pipeline file if you intend to repurpose it for another API.