Configuring COVID Preconfigured Source Dataset

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Fast Data Loader (FDL) offers an API-based, preconfigured dataset that enables you to access comprehensive, accurate, and latest data about COVID-19 in the United States. You can load this data into a cloud data warehouse (CDW) of your choice. This data is sourced from the US Federal, vaccination data, nursing homes and long-term-care data, and NCHS deaths data. This public data API provides access to all of the Federal data at a national and state level. The data is available in both JSON and CSV formats. You can download CSV data from here.

Creating COVID Data Integration

FDL fetches the COVID dataset for the United States and the individual states from the following locations using the

  • State data: /v1/states/daily.json

  • US data: /v1/us/daily.json

You can source this data from the preconfigured COVID dataset and load it into a CDW of your choice.

Note: If you already have existing COVID integrations, you will be redirected to the FDL Dashboard, in which case, you can click New Integration to configure a new integration for the COVID dataset.

  1. In Choose and Connect your source, click Preconfigured dataset.

  2. Click COVID (as the source).
    The Choose and Connect your destination section is enabled.

  3. In Choose and Connect your destination, select the destination into which you want to load the data. For example, Redshift. See, to configure the destination of your choice.

  4. Set up and Verify your integration. See, to set up your integration.

  5. In Name your integration, enter a unique name that will help identify your COVID integration. For example, COVID_Data_By_State.

  6. Save and Load your integration.
    Your new COVID integration appears in the dashboard and the integration workflow is displayed on the right-side of the integration page.

Contact FDL customer support at for assistance.

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