4.12 Dot Releases

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SnapLogic dot releases help optimize and continuously improve the Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP). This dot release page documents all the customer-impacting updates done across the platform and any actions that you need to perform in your SnapLogic instance. 


Release #DateUpdate(s)BuildAction(s)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the JCC process to restart after a network error while communicating with the SnapLogic control plane.
  • Fixed as issue that caused the memory usage on JCC nodes to stay high for some time after pipeline completion.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause the queue size for Ultra Pipeline Tasks to grow.
  • Fixed an issue that caused child pipeline runtime information to display incorrectly in the dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with SFTP access to Windows based FTP server.
  • Fixed an issue causing S3 read to fail with a "file not found" error.

We recommend that you use this build to avoid issues with FTP servers, which may not be under your control.

For information on updating Snaplexes, refer to Updating a Snaplex Version.


The following are the Snap Pack updates since the 4.12 release:

Snap PackUpdate dateBuild


Box box5181
  • Fixed the Box Write Snap that fails due to a network error.
  • Fixed the Box Read Snap that hangs while processing documents. 
Hadoop hadoop5132Fixed an issue with the HDFS Reader Snap wherein the pipeline becomes stale while writing to the output view.
SOAP soap5064Fixed an issue with the SOAP Execute Snap that is unable to parse the XML schema information from the given WSDL.
Transform transform5005Fixed an issue with the Excel Parser Snap that drops columns when the value is null at the end of the row.
Confluent Kafka confluentkafka5087Fixed an issue with the Consumer Snap that fails when the specified timeout value is less than the pipeline execution time. 
Binary  binary5044Fixed an issue with the S3 File Writer Snap, which corrupts while writing files if retry value is set to 1.
Redshift db/redshift5027Fixed an issue wherein the Redshift Snaps timeout and fail to retrieve a database connection.
Birst Upload birst5000Fixed an issue with the Birst Upload Snap Pack that fails upon account configuration.
Redshift and PostgreSQL MULTIPLE4967Provided an interim fix for an issue with the Redshift and PostgreSQL 10 accounts by re-registering the driver for each account validation. The final fix is being shipped in a separate build.
Binary binary4882Fixed an issue caused in the File Operation Snap due to a rollback after the 4.12 release that impacts the S3 and FTP protocols. 
SOAP soap4899Added a new property in SOAP Execute Snap "Include root element" that, when enabled, provides the target schema. 
MySQL db/mysql4924Fixed the MySQL Bulk Load Snap, wherein the Snap does not produce an output document if there are no input documents.
REST rest4917Fixed an encoding issue with the REST Get Snap, wherein the Snap uses the same encoding format (UTF-8) by default on all machines, instead of using a different encoding format based on the machine's operating system.
Email email4948Fixed an issue with the Email Reader Snap, wherein the Snap corrupts when a file name and content contains Unicode characters.
SOAP soap4899

Fixed an issue with the SOAP Execute Snap, which hangs a pipeline at that Snap.

Transform transform4937Resolved an issue with the Excel Parser Snap that occurs when the name of a sheet is a number. This was achieved by replacing the Sheet index or name property of the Excel Parser Snap with two new properties—sheet index and sheet name. The functionality has also been enhanced; these new properties can also use Pipeline Parameters.
Transform transform4913Fixed an issue in the Excel Formatter Snap, wherein opening an output stream prematurely causes the Box Write Snap to fail. Excel Formatter now awaits the first input document, before opening an output stream.
Transform transform4919Enhanced the functionality of the Excel Parser Snap such that it can insert additional columns. This was achieved by adding the Number of blank headers after the last header field to the Excel Parser Snap settings. This field captures the number of additional columns (with null/no values) that must be added.
Flow flow4895Fixed an issue in the Data Validator Snap that made multiple copies of lineage on the error path.
Netsuite netsuite4888Increased the maximum timeout to two minutes when parsing the WSDL file to fix an issue where the Netsuite Snap Pack is unable to parse XML schema information from the given WSDL file.
Expensify expensify4883Added support for more complex or larger reports.
Oracle oracle4862

Fixed an issue in the Oracle Bulk Load Snap that fails to execute the SQLLDR (SQL Loader) command, while also enhancing the support for the TCPS protocol.

Binary binary4840Fixed an issue in the File Delete Snap, wherein if no account is given for the SFTP protocol, then the error did not display.
Salesforce salesforce4839Fixed a defect that occurs when downstream Snaps are slow in processing documents downloaded from SFDC.
Binary binary4797Added a new property 'Number of retries' in the File Writer Snap to fix interoperability issues with a server software.
PostgreSQL postgres4832Updated the driver from version 8.4.704 to version 9.4.1207 to support PostgreSQL v10 servers.
REST rest4816Fixed an issue that caused the REST OAuth accounts to fail when running in orgs with Enhanced encryption in Medium or higher level.
SOAP soap4821Fixed a null pointer exception that displays while generating the SOAP templates. 
REST rest4781Enhanced REST Post snap to prevent it from encoding file names.
Salesforce salesforce4773Added a property in Advanced Properties, 'Validate record count downloaded in Bulk API,' in Salesforce Read and SOQL Snaps.
Transform transform4747Fixed an issue that caused the Join Snap to go out of memory.
Binary binary4736Fixed an issue where File Writer Snap does not write files to Windows Serv-U FTP server, while not displaying any error message.
Multiple Database Snap Packs MULTIPLE4744
  • Enabled expression for Delete Condition in Oracle Delete Snap. 
  • Added support to execute multiple queries in a single batch for Snowflake. Impacts Snowflake Snap Pack and Generic JDBC Execute Snap that needs the Snowflake driver.
  • Added support for Redshift grammar to recognize window functions as being part of the query statement.
Oracle db/oracle4721Added a property, "SSL/TCPS" for Oracle Account.