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Analyze Pipeline and Task Execution

The Execution overview page displays a list of Pipeline and Task executions. You can see who executed them, when they started and finished, how long execution took, their status, and how many documents were processed. Using controls on the Execution overview page, you can:

  • Select a time period in hours or by date range.

  • View status summary cards for the selected time period.

  • Filter the execution list by status.

  • Click a Pipeline or Task to view its details. Learn more about Execution details.

  • Resize, search, filter, and add or remove columns from the execution list.

  • Export the current results to a CSV file.

  • Refresh the execution list.

  • Sort the execution list by a column.

In SnapLogic Studio, click Analyze > Execution to open the Execution overview. The Execution overview page contains the following elements and controls, starting at the top left side of the screen:

The following table describes the screenshot callouts:





Org pull-down selector
Org selector


Admins and users with accounts on multiple Orgs can use this pull-down to switch between Orgs.


Return to existing interface
Return or Logout


Use the dropdown by your name to return to the existing interface or log out.


Time selector

Use the dropdown menu to filter the executions displayed in the list by hour time periods or a by a date range.


Status summary


Execution summary cards display the number of Pipeline and Task executions by status:

  • Failed. Total executions that failed during the selected time period.

  • Executing. Total executions currently running.

  • Completed. Total executions that completed with and without warnings during the selected time period.

  • Completed with errors. Total executions that completed and generated an error document during the selected time period.

  • Ultra Executions. Total Ultra Tasks, including failed and successful runs, during the selected time period.


  • If the Completed card does not display, try:

    • Clicking the card toggle button in the execution list toolbar:

    • Increasing the width of your browser.

  • To filter the execution table by status, click a summary card.

  • The icon on the summary card also appears in the Status column of the execution list.


Group by filter options
Group by filter


Group by options filter the executions by Pipeline or Task:

  • To view only one category of executions, click Pipeline or Task.

  • To remove the filter and view both categories, click the highlighted group:


Search bar

Search the execution list, click the options icon to:

  • Filter the execution list.

  • Add, remove, and rearrange columns.



From left to right, the toolbar buttons provide the following functionality:

  • Download to a CSV file on your local machine.

  • Refresh the execution list.

  • Show or hide the summary card panel.


Execution table

View and manage the list of executions:

  • View details of an execution by clicking it. Learn more: Execution Detail.

  • Sort the list by clicking column headers.

  • Resize columns.

  • Copy a value in a cell to the clipboard, by hovering over a cell and clicking the copy icon:

  • Below execution rows:

    • View the time that the list was last refreshed.

    • Change the number of items displayed on each page.

    • Navigate to the previous page, the next page, or a specific page number.


  • Status column icons include:

  • Status icons

    Add, remove, and reorder columns with Column Preferences. Open Column Preferences by clicking the options icon in the Search bar.


Expand or collapse navigation

Expand or collapse the navigation panel.


Page navigation
Page navigation

Page through the executions and select how many to show per page.

Use Cases

The following examples describe how to use the Execution overview page for troubleshooting and analysis:

Using Advanced Filters

To use advanced filtering:

  1. In the Search bar, click the options icon:

    Search options
  2. In Advanced filtering, click the type of filter to apply.

    1. The first filters in the menu have pull-down options:

      Pull-down filter options
    2. The final filters in the menu accept text entries:

      Text entry filters
  3. Add the filters you need and click Apply.

The filters apply to subsequent searches and to the execution table until you remove them.

Changing Table Columns

To add, remove, and rearrange columns:

  1. In the Search bar, click the options icon:

    Search options
  2. In Column Preferences:

    1. Click x on a shaded column to remove it.

    2. Click + on an unshaded column to add it.

    3. Drag shaded columns to rearrange the order in which they display in the table.

  3. Click Apply.

Viewing Your Executions

To view your Pipeline and Task executions:

  1. In the Search bar, click the options icon:

    Search options
  2. In Advanced Options, click Executed by and start entering your username.

  3. When your username displays, click + to select it.

  4. Click Apply.

The execution list updates to reflect the filter. The options icon has a red decorator to indicate a filter has been applied. The filter remains until you remove it.

Finding a Failed Execution and Viewing its Details

To view the details of a failed Pipeline or Task:

  1. Click the Failed summary card:

    Failed summary card
  2. In the execution list, click the Pipeline or Task of interest to display details.

Learn more about Pipeline and Task executions.