March 2022 Release Notes

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We updated the SnapLogic platform with the following features and enhancements at 6 p.m. PT on Mar 24, 2022. If you have any questions, email

SnapLogic Studio (Preview)


  • In Manager, the blue banner that takes users to Studio Beta is replaced with a Studio Preview button.

    Studio Preview button in the Manager
  • In the Studio Execution view, you can now add or remove Task name, Project, and RUUID as columns to display in the table of executions. To select the columns to display, click the settings icon ( ).

  • The new Quick Copy feature allows you to copy a value in the table to your clipboard, including values that are not completely visible within the cell. To do so, hover over the cell and click the copy icon ( ) that appears.

  • Fly-out panels containing details about Pipeline executions can now expand to 80% of your browser screen.

Behavior Change

Support for case-sensitive Org Name: If you are using Single Sign-On (SSO) for logging into the SnapLogic user interface, then ensure that your Org name matches that of your organization in the User Name field of the login page. For example, if the organization name is SnapLogic, then do NOT use Snaplogic as your User Name.



  • When you create a new Proxy, you now have two options:
    a) Create and Exit. Saves the Proxy as is; you can create the endpoints at a later time.
    b) Create with Endpoints. Saves the proxy and takes you to the Create Proxy Endpoint dialog.

    Learn more: Creating a Proxy


New Features

  • Added Jira as a target endpoint that connects to Jira’s agile project management software.

  • Added a What’s New navigation page that covers the key release highlights.


  • Added an “Updated By” column to the Project tab that shows the last user to edit the Flow.

  • The in-app documentation now displays specific account information based on the account type you select for each endpoint.

  • Clicking on a Flow in Manager now redirects the user to the Flows user interface instead of Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) Designer.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where no preview would be displayed in the data wrangler after executing a Flow.

  • Fixed an issue where users with the “Read only” or “Read and execute” permissions were unable to download files from project folders.

Flows is available to you free with your current SnapLogic subscription, but only for a limited time. To get started, register for Flows.

Fast Data Loader

New Feature

Added Google Sheets as a source endpoint in Fast Data Loader (FDL). Google Sheets enables you to read data from the spreadsheet and write the data to the specified destination endpoint such as SAP-DWC or Snowflake.

Known Issue

[This issue is fixed in April 4.28-patches2] Google Sheets integration with SAP-DWC and Snowflake fails when the user changes the default concurrency value. For the integration to run successfully, set the concurrency value to its default value of 10.