SnapLogic AutoSync


AutoSync simplifies the process of synchronizing data into a cloud data warehouse (CDW) where it can be used for analytics and reporting. For example, you can source customer data from Salesforce, service data from ServiceNow, and product data from a cloud-based Oracle database and load all of it to Snowflake for transformation and downstream analytics. Business Analysts and Data Analysts can point-and-click to create integrations without writing code or SQL. AutoSync offers several loading methods, including upsert and the Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2 (SCD2), which preserves the history of updates.

Supported sources and CDWs include:

Cloud data sources

Cloud data warehouses

Cloud data sources

Cloud data warehouses

  • Coupa

  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • Salesforce

  • ServiceNow

  • Google Sheets

  • S3

  • Amazon Redshift

  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • Snowflake


Contact your CSM or customer support at to subscribe to AutoSync.

Known Issue

The upsert load action loads correctly the first time, but after that, it either loads no records or reloads all records. The correct behavior would be to insert only new records and update records with changes.


The AutoSync workflow to create an Integration includes the following key steps:

  1. Choose a source and configure connection information.

  2. Choose a destination and configure connection information.

  3. Choose a load method.


  • Change the replication schedule.

  • Enable email notification of load status. Learn more about enabling email notifications in AutoSync User Settings.