AutoSync Dashboard Features and Controls

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A new version of AutoSync is available in Studio! Check out the documentation.

The AutoSync dashboard is an interface that provides an overview of your integrations and the associated execution details. You can view the integrations either in grid or list format. The following example is in the grid format.




Provides an overview of your integration that includes the following details:

  • Integration Name: Displays the name of your integration.

  • Start Time: Displays the time when your integration starts.

  • End Time: Displays the time when your integration ends.

  • Elapsed: Displays the time in hours or days since your integration has lapsed.



You can search for an integration using the Search option in the dashboard. For example, when you enter the first three letters (Sal) of an integration, all the integrations that match the string SAL are displayed in the search list.


Execution Details

Provides the execution details of the integration that you select in the dashboard:

  • Last Run Time: Displays the time when your integration was the last run.

  • Tables Loaded: Displays the number of tables loaded into the destination cloud data warehouse.

  • Records Processed: Displays the number of records processed.

  • Status: Displays the status of your integration in colors, explained in the legend, as follows:
    - New
    - Successful
    - Executing
    - Error

If an error occurs in your integration, you can view the error details by clicking View Details in your integration tile.

  • Total Monthly Records Processed: Displays the number of records processed in a month by the selected integration.

  • Schedule: Displays the next three scheduled times at which your integration runs.

The AutoSync dashboard provides various icons to perform basic tasks on your integration.





User Profile. Click this dropdown to see your settings or to log out of AutoSync.

Grid format

Select to display the integration in tile format:

List format

Select to display the integration in list format:

Edit an integration.

Schedule an integration.

Slide this toggle button to enable and disable integration. By default, integration is enabled.

Click this icon to run your integration immediately. You can use this feature as soon as your integration is created or as and when you want to run the integration immediately.

Known Issues

  • The scheduled time in the integration card on the dashboard does not change even after saving the integration. Refresh the page or select any other integration card before selecting the edited integration to see the updated scheduled time.

  • When you refresh the AutoSync dashboard in the list view, the dashboard view is changed to the grid view.